Ohio State Football Postgame: Ryan Day Talks 24-10 Road Win at Wisconsin

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day spoke immediately following the Buckeyes’ 24-10 road win at Wisconsin.

Here are the highlights of what was said.

Ryan Day

+ On TreVeyon Henderson, Day said they held him out last week to make sure he was 100 percent because this is a big run they are about to go on. He ran hard tonight, is a weapon out of the backfield, and makes a difference out there. When he’s out there he has a big impact on the offense. On the one they missed, they practiced that route a lot, that one hurt.

+ On the offense, Day said they had a good run game and some good passing plays, it was a good combination. They are all frustrated they couldn’t finish some drives — There’s a lot that goes into that, including coaching. The line of scrimmage was moving and having Henderson back made a big difference. But they still haven’t put together a complete game on offense.

+ They decided to hold Emeka Egbuka one more week. Day is confident they will get him back next week.

+ “We can talk about the defense all night.”

+ On Kyle McCord, Day said it’s bumps and bruises and he was able to fight through it. He toughed it out at the end and after some tough plays, he kept swinging and pushing. He showed good leadership and that was a positive.

+ McCord’s first interception was just a bad decision. McCord came off the field and knew that. The second, the corner came off and McCord was reading the flat defender. Day doesn’t blame him for that play because the corner made a play. Those were the conversations as he came off the field.

+ On leaving points on the field, Day said the teams they are playing are good teams, they know they can’t score every time, teams have good plans and are well coached. But they know what they want to get done.

+ Day was telling the team as they were watching games earlier today that they have to bring it every day. Winning is not something they are entitled to. They have one bad day and their season is over. Every game is a battle. The good thing is that they are getting battle-tested and are more poised as a result. “But we will watch film and throw coffee against the wall again, I’m sure.”

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  1. Another less than dominating win against a lower tier opponent. With all due respect, when Rutgers has the lead until late in the 3rd quarter and indeed it was a two score game until the last field goal, it’s an uneasy feeling. For whatever reason it’s looking like Tresselball. If that helps them beat UM, then fine.

    Missing your wrap-up today, Caroline. Hope you are well.

  2. #1 cfp ranking? That’s some good stuff they’re smoking.
    ND and PSU were both overrated and OSU barely squeaked by ND and that due to a Marcus Freeman brain fart. I’ve been seeing more signs the Buckeyes aren’t balanced enough to beat the best teams. Just something for fans to feel warm and cozy for a few more weeks. Fortunate to be 8-0. Let’s see them beat the overrated Cheaters Up North and then we will talk. #1? At 12-0 they would deserve a spot but with a loss, forget it.

  3. The defense has been carrying the offense and that will likely continue. Harrison and McCord have been carrying the offense for their part. Still not convinced the offense is quite there against better competition. The defense has been excellent holding opponents to fewer than 20 points though. Trouble is the Buckeyes struggle to make more than 20 points. I’ve been winning calling the under every week. I’ll take the under again this week.

    Can’t sleep on Rutgers out at SHI(t) Stadium in any case. Kyle had better be more careful about diving into scrums. Can’t have him or Marvin getting hurt.

  4. Not to look too far ahead but the toughest part of the schedule is over prior to the last game of the regular season. With games against Rutgers, MSU and Minnesota left the team will be heavily favored going forward until the final game. Nice job getting to this point undefeated.

    If guys are a little banged up there’s no reason to play them until heading up to Ann Arbor.

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