Two-Minute Drill: Ryan Day Previews Top 10 Matchup With Penn State

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day met with the media on Tuesday for his weekly press conference to provide insights on the 41-7 win at Purdue and to preview Penn State.

Here’s what Day had to say about the Top 10 matchup coming to Columbus this weekend.

Ryan Day

+ A lot of the players on the team understand the intensity of this game.

+ On the pressure that Purdue put on Kyle McCord, Day said there were a variety of issues but it also had to do with what what Purdue did and bringing an extra player up front. There were also some times McCord drifted too much.

+ Drew Allar is an Ohio kid who had a great career. Ohio State signed Quinn Ewers at the time, but after the re-classification, Allar was already signed to Penn State. He is a big, strong quarterback with a bright future ahead of him.

+ It is well documented that Penn State is the best defense in the country statistically. Penn State plays complimentary football and their defense does a good job of getting the ball back for the offense. Ball security is going to be a big focus for Ohio State this week and in this game.

+ The offensive line opened up better holes last week but Dallan Hayden ran hard, lowered his shoulder, and ran people over. He finished his runs well, and his feet were moving which was great to see, especially considering he hadn’t played much. He does a nice job when the ball is in his hand.

+ On the health of the team, Day said he hopes to have “all those guys” back by Saturday.

+ It’s important to give the players a clean plan and not have them thinking too much, so that they can play fast.

+ To lose three top running backs and Emeka Egbuka was concerning but Dallan Hayden and Xaiver Johnson stepped up.  They had to get creative and figure out ways to make it work and get it done.

+ Devin Brown gives a different wrinkle. He ran hard and learned his lesson on the turnover. They will continue to build on that package.

+ In October and November in the Big Ten, there will be bad weather games. They have to handle it and practice in it this week. They need to be able to run their whole offense in the bad weather.

+ On converting on the quarterback sneaks in short yardage, Day said they have a lot of options but felt like it was a good moment for that against Purdue. They will continue to look at everything they can to get those 1-2 yards.

+ On his demeanor and letting loose, Day said this team likes to get coached hard. They respond well. There’s a lot riding on every game and they know that. It’s his job to bring it every week and push as hard as he can. The players like to see the passion, so he has to continue to bring that. Day said it depends on the team and what they need.

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