Two-Minute Drill: Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh Previews Ohio State Game

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh held a press conference on Monday to preview the game against Ohio State this weekend.

Here are the highlights of what was said.

Jim Harbaugh 

+ On the level of respect for Ryan Day and his staff, Harbaugh said “it’s all about our preparation for Ohio. The days the minutes the hours, everything leading up to this game. That’s where our focus is. Anything else is irrelevant.”

+ On watching Michigan last week, Harbaugh said he watched it at his brothers house and he saw a great team. “We accomplished what we went there to do and got the mission done.” It was great to be around his brother’s football mind as well.

+ On not being on the sidelines for this game, Harbaugh said they are a battle-tested team and he is empowering the coaches and the players. “Amazing job that they’ve done.” They have tolerated then blocked out the noise.

+ The plan is to stay on course and keep the priorities right. “Faith, family, and football.”

+ The school put out a statement on the firing of Chris Partridge. He does not have anything further to add.

+ The team will practice on Thanksgiving and then have time with their families. Most of the time families come in from out of town. “It’s always a great day.”

+ He is so proud of this team despite the noise, the locker room is in one piece. Harbaugh quoted Ted Lasso, “locker rooms, like my mom’s bathing suits, like to see them in one piece.” They have that and it’s amazing.

+ “The week is all about Ohio. We’re working really hard to get ready for this game.”

+ “We are in position to be in position. That’s what we know. We’re 11-0 and they’re 11-0 and everything, all focus and preparation is all on this game… as it should be.”

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