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Ohio State Blows 18-Point Lead in 76-73 Loss to Indiana: Chris Holtmann, Roddy Gayle Jr. Talk Following Loss

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State fell short in a 76-73 loss to Indiana at home on Tuesday night. The loss is the Buckeyes’ fifth loss in a row and eighth out of their last nine games.

Ohio State went on a 12-2 run mid way through the first half of play to take a 10 point lead over Indiana 25-15, and led 42-29 at the half. The Buckeyes reached an 18 point lead in the second half, but Indiana battled back with a 10-0 run to make it a two point game with five minutes to play. The Hoosiers took the 70-69 lead with 2:27 remaining, and didn’t trail again. Ohio State had just 31 second half points.

You can read the highlights of Ohio State’s postgame interviews or watch head coach Chris Holtmann’s full press conference below. Roddy Gayle Jr. also answered questions from reporters.

Chris Holtmann

+ Indiana played well in the second half. Trey Galloway was hard for them to match up against.

+ On the issue holding the lead, Holtmann said they weren’t aggressive enough on either end.

+ On the late game sets, Holtmann said the last one they jumped it.

+ “We just weren’t as detailed or as tough as we needed to be late.”

+ On handling adversity, Holtmann said they have to learn from adversity. It was a little bit of toughness but it was detail too in this game.

+ On the locker room still being bought in, Holtmann said they have great kids and he doesn’t question that. “But we need to see some results here.” It has been frustrating for everybody, it has been a hard stretch for coaches and players and they need to find a way out of it.

+ “We will see how we respond.”

Roddy Gayle Jr. 

+ They weren’t detailed enough in the second half. They were aggressive in the first half but didn’t sustain it in the second half. This team is capable of that moving forward, the players are still bought in, and the coaching is there but they just need to execute.

+ The last play was one of their sets to get Jamison Battle the ball but Indiana did a good job trailing him and played good defense.

+ On the locker room, Gayle said they have the youngest team in the Big Ten so a lot of guys were in their heads. But there were manageable and correctable things in this game. They need to keep their heads up and stay together moving forward.

+ He feels frustrated because that performance was not who they are in practice and that doesn’t reflect the players they have on their roster.

+ “We can’t let our foot off the gas pedal.” Indiana was able to take that a little bit and that glimmer gave them life. Ohio State needed to keep the pressure on them.

+ On the offensive struggles in the second half, Gayle said Kel’el Ware was a terrific rim protector and blocker, and his presence made it hard to get easy scores. Him being in foul trouble in the first half made it easier. He was key factor in their defensive scheme in the second half.

+ On letting teams come back from large leads, Gayle said he has a next play mentality but those times haunt them. He makes it his duty not to re-live that.

+ On his overall feeling right now, Gayle said they need to stick with it and there needs to be a sense of urgency. “We have the locker room for it, we just need to execute.”

Photo via Ohio State Dept. of Athletics. 

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  2. Holtman’s days are numbered. With the new A.D. and the end of the season approaching as OSU will get dumped the first day of The B1G tourney, Holtman will be gone. OSU is both a football school and basketball school, being an OSU fan for nearly 5 decades, Holtman is the worse coach of both sports.

  3. Why is it always “they” with Holtman, he’s the head coach and 4 million dollar leader, it’s up to him to show them the way. Fact is, Holtman doesn’t know how and his term at Ohio State is a failure. It’s in his best interest and Ohio State to leave. Holtman has destroid any fan support he may have had and is no longer a trusted coach who anyone believes because he just hasn’t learned or taught anything. Players get worse with him as coach.

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