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The-Ozone Forum Discontinued

After  almost 28 years of continuous use the-ozone forum has been retired.

The decision to retire the forum was precipitated by a combination of factors. The single -most over-arching factor is the retirement of almost the complete Ozone staff resulting in the lack of full-time people to manage and maintain the forum.

This decision probably seems abrupt and without warning, and it is, so a note of explanation is in order.

Recently the-Ozone forum came under a hacker attack. The forum security held up and was not breached, but our ISP (Amazon Web Services) required proof that the site had remained under the control of the original owners. Quite literally, there was no one available to complete that task, so our ISP took down the site.

It was a correct decision on their part and we have no quarrel with it.

That experience, our inability to respond in the required fashion in a timely manner, led to soul searching on our part. The conclusion reached was that it is inevitable that this or other problems a will inevitably crop up in the future and we will most likely not be in a position to handle them. So the decision was made to pull the plug.

It was not a decision that was made lightly, but it is one with which we are completely comfortable given our circumstances.

We’d like to thank all of you who have used our board through the years and made it the success that it was.  Special thanks goes to the poster whose handle is Zanzibar.  Zanz is the one who actually wrote the software for the forum – from scratch- and literally gave life to it. Thank you Zanz for everything, and I hope your retirement is long and enjoyable.

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  1. This is Junk, sad to see it go.

    Radcard and I used to be on here every junkin month, right after checking JJHuddle. So much junk to see and so much junk on the Buckeyes. First JJHuddle and now The Ozone. I will miss it.

    I remember Kelly Pavilk coming on here. You know Kelly, right? Kelly would go to Southbridge for darts, then post with Mike Cox. I remember Mike Cox would be posting on a bucket, any bucket.  Then Kelly shot that guy with a BB Gun. Big Gary said this would happen. Little Gary said no but Big Gary was right. Big Gary always seemed to right, especially about this type of junk.

    Truly Yours,

    Michael Junk

  2. Wow… figured something was up. Had not checked the Home page for a long while but still had the link to the Forum on my phone & laptop. 20 years is a long time, more for many of you.
    It’s been a wild ride, wish it could have ended next year celebrating a national championship.
    Lots of good stories, good people, & good memories. OH!

  3. I remember how hard Gerd worked to migrate us to a packaged forum tool.
    The group revolted and refused to move. I believe we could have survived if we accepted that change. It’s such a shame to lose this community.

  4. I’ve visited the forum almost every day for the last 10 years or more. Great place to vent about the football and basketball teams or to share in the victory celebration. Sometimes got some good inside recruiting information. Thank you for providing a place where we could experience community.

  5. Has there been any though if selling the website so someone can continue? I understand if Mr. Ed would want to keep it his baby.

  6. Completely understand. As someone that has loved this site since 1998 I will miss it but am grateful for all the time and memories over the years. This forum will always be the one that other forums are measured against for me. Thanks again for everyone involved.

  7. I will miss the emotional game day sessions and the humorous off topic debates. 8n7’s obsession with ‘bama. BuckeyeForever’s constant prediction of stock market doom. Backwards Dave vs. what seemed like the whole board on covid topics. Barrett777 never living down the Holtman implosion. The unanimous bashing of Michigan. Every ref out to get us. SaltLakeCity Buck (aka Bonehead) always being the calm voice of reason.

    This was an outlet for me like no other. I truly appreciate what it took to keep it running. It was the classiest message board out there and the easiest to use. Thanks for the memories, and best wishes to all.

  8. Son turned me onto Ozone nearly 25 years ago. Michigan Monday, Gerd’s game recaps and Opposing Quarterback Club were must reads. Perused the forums daily but rarely posted except lately for Wordle and Connection scores Truly will be missed. Thanks to all who contributed.

  9. All good things…

    The Ozone forum is the same age as my son. My daily check in was parallel to him growing up. And since he has been off the books for about 5 years now, it seems fitting the Forum is retiring.

    Thanks for all the memories, especially the insane gamedays, hitting refresh so fast, we regularly crashed the server.

    Vaya Con Dios!

  10. Sad to see the forums retired. Many former ozone members are now posting at Feel free to join our community to keep in touch with everyone

  11. Mr. Ed (John),

    I’ve been visiting the Forum since it’s inception. Stopped posting long ago but enjoyed that banter, almost daily, all these years. Jim Davidson (RIP) was a marvelous photographer. You guys created something very special when public access to the internet was all new. And you maintained it through so much change.

    Thanks for all of it. What a sweet ride.

  12. I originally got hooked by The OZone twenty-eight years ago, when the recruitments of Kenyon Rambo, Reggie Germany, and Tam Hopkins were the hot topics for Buckeye Fans, and I’ve probably logged onto the forum an average of 2-3-4 times a week since. With the exception of a few harrowing run-ins with the some of the felllows who frequented the Off Topic Forum, the overall experience was overwhelmingly positive. Thanks to the the editors, monitors, photographers and the regular posters who expended their time and energy in making the Ozone one of the better sports forums on the internet. Hail Ohio!

  13. Dang! This is Michael Junk. I only posted Junk on The Ozone a few times but I was always on with Big and Little Gary, getting information on the Buckeyes and other Junk. RadCard showed me this site and I remember Kelly Pavlik posting on here one time with Mike Cox. Next thing you know, I’m grabbing the bucket, any bucket. RadCard started his own site where Big Gary and Little Gary were moderators, which was great for everyone.

  14. I will surely miss all of you!
    The best site I have ever been on.
    Wish you all nothing but the best.

    Thanks for the memories,
    Ron Piko

  15. I’m still not used to this…keep clicking this when I get on in the morning. I’ll hear something and think ‘wonder what the board thinks about that’. As mentioned it’s like the death of an old friend. Appreciate the work that went into keeping the thing going as long as you did.

  16. Wow, was not expecting that. Although I never posted, I visited daily for at least the past 20 years. Will seem a little strange for awhile, but nothing lasts forever. Go Bucks!!

  17. A sad day. I remember learning of the 9-11 attacks on this forum. Other than that, though, nothing but fond memories.

  18. Thanks for everything, John. Best wishes for everyone involved.

  19. I’ve been a daily visitor for nearly 30 years. I really appreciate all of the articles and discussions I’ve read over the years. I’ve been kind of hoping that a few of the regulars would get together and find a way to continue the forum. I have no web experience or I would give it a try.

    I’ll keep hoping but in the meantime I want to thank Mr. Ed and all the others who have brought me such happiness for so many years.

  20. I have really enjoyed the Forum, the Off Topic Forum, and all the knowledge and laughs. It has been a daily check since the early 2000’s. In the words of HugeBuck, Have Fun in PRISON! Thanks for having us, Ozone.

  21. This is literally like losing a friend… maybe one I took for granted, honestly.
    Best of luck to everyone – GO BUCKS!!!

  22. While time and change surely happens it does feel like the death of an old friend. Been a daily check in for about 27 years. Met a lot of great folks along the way. Thanks for the journey and best wishes to all!

  23. Found this site 20 years ago thanks to my son. Michigan Mondays, Opposing Quarterbacks Club, Gerd’s game recaps we’re must reads. Perused the forums but rarely posted except my Wordle scores. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in making the forums my first stop daily.

  24. To Mr Ed., Zanzibar, the countless moderators, contributors, writers and forum fanatics thank you for making the forum my most visited spot on the Work Wide Web the past 20+ years. I hopped in and out many. many times a day and on game days many, many times a minute.
    This place was special to me. It was the only Hall of Fame in which I was enshrined. The forum allowed me to create and contribute stories like the Opposing Quarterbacks Club, Elsewhere in College football and otter assorted oddities.
    Now I’m not sure how I’ll know how many days until the next game or how tall, fast and strong the players are but like all good things this had to come to an end. I understand and appreciate the decision that was made. Thanks for all the memories, be well, enjoy life and Go Bucks!!

  25. I read the forum daily from 2000 until its recent demise, the forum will be sadly missed. Many wonderful memories of breaking Buckeye news. Go Bucks!

  26. Thanks Mr. Ed for all of the years of Buckeye coverage and for the forum. Thanks also to Zanzibar and all of the board moderators who kept things running for all of these years. I have to admit, I’m going to miss the board on gamedays and all of the info that was posted on the forum. Go Bucks!

  27. John,
    Thanks for all the memories, and they are too numerous to recall. From day 1 when you started the Ozone while we attended Jerry Lease (RIP) tailgates with Daryl Jones (DJ’s) father, it was a helluva ride…
    I thank you for this forum and all the great posters and spirited debates. It has been a part my daily schedule to visit multiple times per day for the real honest OSU insights no matter wherever I have traveled in the world over the last 28 years…
    I wish you, Zanz, Mrs. Z and all the rest, all the best…
    Again, so many thanks…
    Fair Winds and Following Seas…


    Tony Cantrell

  28. Time and Change…. nothing lasts forever, but I will sure miss my goto site for OSU football. And will miss the posters I’ve gotten to know (at least most of them!). Many thanks for years of enjoyment.

  29. I put in Google “what happened to the buckeye ozone?”…. And found the link. I’ve been checking the forum since the 2001 season…and it’s been a great ride. So sad to see it go because there’s nothing like these posts during each game : )

    So long fellas! It’s been fun!!

  30. Thank you Ozone Forum for keeping my sanity in check on football Saturdays and beyond. I think I signed on in the late 90s. I even bought 1 of the 2002 National Championship watches when they were offered.

  31. Found this site 20 years ago with my son’s help. Michigan Monday, Opposing Quarterbacks Club, Gerd’s replay of the games were must reads. Enjoyed the banter but rarely contributed except my Wordle scores. Sad to say adios to one of my few daily stops. Best Wishes to all especially the producers of this fine site.

  32. Please reconsider for a moment…

    We need someone smarter than me to pick this up, and carry the torch. The Ozone forum has touched too many Buckeye lives.

  33. Thanks Everyone for over 20 years of buckeye memories….Good and Bad! Thank you Zans for keeping the forum going all these years! Gamedays wont be the same…
    Tim ( 2bUsher79)

  34. To Mr. Ed, Zanzibar and all the moderators, writers, contributors and forum fanatics thank you for making this my favorite place on the World Wide Web the past 28 years. I visited multiple times every day and during football and basketball games multiple times every minute. It really was a special place for me. It was the only Hall of Fame I was ever enshrined. It provided me an outlet to create and contribute the Opposing Quarters Club, Elsewhere in College Football and other oddities. Moving forward I won’t be sure how many days until our next game or how big, strong and fast our players are. All good things must come to an end and I understand and accept the decision to shut it down. Thanks again for all the memories, be well and Go Bucks!!

  35. As said above, The Ozone has been part of my routine since some time early in 1997. Stuff happens & Stuff changes…Being in the service and away from ‘home,’ the Ozone was my way to keep in touch and ‘know’ what was going on. Thanks, and best wishes to all….we sometimes forgot that we were all Buckeyes here, and we should have been able to disagree without being disagreeable.

  36. Well the Forum has been a part of my daily life since I first found it, maybe 20 years ago. It is/was a cherished gift. Wanting nothing but the best for current and past Ozone staff members.

    Bestest Regards,

  37. It is with sadness, yet with great appreciation, that I post this final note to Mr. Ed, the Zanzibar family, Dan Harker, and many others (RIP, Bucknik!). Thank you so much for the opportunity to bond with fellow Buckeye fans over nearly 3 decades. This forum was my daily go-to site for news about OSU sports and life in general. Thank you for maintaining a class website, and allowing us to enjoy news, photographs, and memories related to the greatest university on the planet.

    Go Bucks! “IndianaBuckeye” (Muncie, IN)

  38. John: I’ve been following the O-Zone site since I discovered it after returning from China in November 1996. So yesterday was a sad day for me – as I’m sure it was moreso for you – when I learned that the O-Zone Forum was being shut down. The O-Zone Forum that you created facilitated the development of a great community of people over the years. It will be greatly missed by us all. Best wishes to you in retirement in Naples.
    Appreciatively, Craig

  39. I don’t know what to say…it’s like a death in the Family…:(

  40. Thank you for all the articles and reporting over many years!

  41. Hello John,
    Is there any chance the Facebook page could get new life and a chance for final goodbyes from longtime posters? Man, what a fantastic forum. 28 years! I cant say I was there from the start….but Ive been posting for a long, long time. At least 20 years. Sure, there’d be some not so good stuff to sift thru from time to time, but it was my go-to for real conversations and legitimate Buckeye information. Nice job with the site and the forum. It has been a highlight of my life on the internet. Thanks! ~Kevin Weaks Rossford, Ohio

  42. Wow. Thank you for 28 years, I’ve been reading the forum since college, when I found this site as a way to stay connected to the Buckeyes when I went to school in Boston, back in 1996. This feels a little like a friend moving away.

    Thanks again,

  43. Thank you John for the almost 30 years of great content. I’ve been coming to this site (but rarely post) since the beginning.

  44. Thank you, John, for 28 great years. I’ve been here for almost all of it, and it’s been a part of my every day – always my first stop on my morning catch-up. I wish there were something we could do as a community to breathe life into it again, but I understand that life is full of change. This place will be missed deeply. Cheers to all of the posters that have called this place home for so long. Go Bucks!

  45. Understandable, but not without great sadness. The Ozone forum has been a part of my daily (almost) for the better part of two decades.

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