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Accost the Field: Episode 1

I told you I would eventually start up a podcast, so this is the first episode of Accost the Field. Maybe it should have been a first draft, but I’ve never really been a guy who does drafts. Like I always say, if it’s not good enough the first time, it’s not my fault the consumer started out with such high expectations. I know some…

Ohio State Buckeyes tackle Baker Mayfield
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Talking Ohio State Media Day Trio, Linebackers, and Projected Stats with MarkRogersTV

As I do every Wednesday night, I had the privilege of sitting down with Mark Rogers and discussing the Ohio State Buckeyes. In this episode, we discussed the drama surrounding J.T. Barrett not being selected as a B1G Media Days representative, the 2017 linebackers, and finally we went over my projected stats for the offense.