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Accost the Field: Episode 1

I told you I would eventually start up a podcast, so this is the first episode of Accost the Field. Maybe it should have been a first draft, but I’ve never really been a guy who does drafts. Like I always say, if it’s not good enough the first time, it’s not my fault the consumer started out with such high expectations. I know some…

Ohio State Buckeyes tackle Baker Mayfield
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Talking Ohio State Media Day Trio, Linebackers, and Projected Stats with MarkRogersTV

As I do every Wednesday night, I had the privilege of sitting down with Mark Rogers and discussing the Ohio State Buckeyes. In this episode, we discussed the drama surrounding J.T. Barrett not being selected as a B1G Media Days representative, the 2017 linebackers, and finally we went over my projected stats for the offense.

Ohio State Buckeyes fans
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Hayes & Cannon: The New Blood at The-Ozone

In the shadows of Ohio Stadium, there sits a little spot between two iconic fixtures in Columbus where fans mingle and the excitement for Ohio State builds.  Thousands walk by this spot every Saturday as they make their way from the Skull Session in St. John Arena through the massive rotunda full of stained glass murals before they enter the greatest college football stadium…