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Blast32 and spacebuck should have a radio show together where they just talk about how they hate everything. - Gerd [11:47:35 01/10/12]  


Tony Gerdeman
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June 4, 2017 7:18 pm  

spacebuck: You know what I hate? Stuff that tastes good.

Blast32: Interesting. You know what I hate? Stuff that is cool.

spacebuck: It's fun to hate stuff.

Blast32: Eh, I actually hate it.

spacebuck: Have you ever had pizza? Ugh. It's terrible. I hate it.

Blast32: Have you ever seen a movie? God, those are stupid.

spacebuck: I was at a restaurant the other day--don't ask me why, because I hate restaurants--but they brought me my food and it was disgusting. They put seasoning on it! I hate seasoning!

Blast32: I was in my car yesterday and this rock song came on with these screeching guitars. It was horrendous. Guitars are the absolute worst thing about music.

spacebuck: Alright, let's take a caller.

Blast32: Ugh. I hate talking on the phone.

spacebuck: Go ahead "nukem", you're on the air.

nukem: Hey guys, I hate your show.

Blast32: Thanks!

spacebuck: Thanks!

nukem: What do you guys think about eating bacon while watching Scarlett Johannson playing tennis?

Blast32: Pass. I hate watching stuff. Anything that involves watching is stupid. Also doing stuff is stupid. Anything that involves watching stuff or doing stuff is stupid.

spacebuck: I like tennis, but the bacon is a no go. It's just gross. Just plain gross. I don't know the person who you are talking about though. Is this a tennis player? Anyway, let's take another call because I hated that call.

Blast32: Enough with the calls. I hate calls. Hey, have you ever seen a television show? Oh, I hate those.

spacebuck: I like some televisions shows. I like 'Ghost Whisperer'.

Blast32: I hate you so much right now. I feel like eating a donut right in front of your stupid face.

spacebuck: 'Ghost Whisperer' is a very good show!

Blast32: It sucks.

spacebuck: It doesn't suck! It's heartfelt.

Blast32: Hearts are stupid.

spacebuck: You're stupid!

Blast32: God, I hate you.

spacebuck: Not as much as I hate you!

Blast32: Are you as turned on as I am right now?

spacebuck: More!