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I have made arrangements that when I die, a young boy will... - Tom Zak [00:10:55 04/29/15]  


Tony Gerdeman
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June 4, 2017 7:24 pm  

log into my Ozone account, under my handle, and post one last post as me. Almost a post from the grave type deal.

This is a boy whom I hand selected to carry out this task. I took him as an orphan and have raised him like a son.

As I have posted over the years, my protege has been by my side...watching, learning. He has grown into a fine poster in his own right... however I never allow him to post in the live forum. I just tape his practice posts on screen shots of the forum. It has been an honor training such a dedicated student.

However it appears I will outlive the board. And that means I will no longer need my protege to post my final post.

I imagine many of you are picturing my student sitting along side me right this minute, crying that he will not get to carry out his life-long task. But you racist, sexist, rude bullies would all be wrong...I Packed up that kids stuff and sat it on the curb right after Ed posted last night.

In case you were wondering..that final post was just a ghost of BuxJacket anyway. I can get any stray to teach how to do that should Ed decide not to 86 the board. So whatever.