Please don't tell me to get a hold of myself, that I'm over-the-top paranoid or unnerved. Don't tell me...(m) - Bluegrass Buckeye [22:36:05 03/21/10]  


Tony Gerdeman
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June 4, 2017 4:03 pm  

to get a life, get a grip, or anything remotely close to that. No, I'm not "losing it." Everyone experiences different emotions over different things. This is me, who I am, and my emotions.

It has just now hit me as I'm watching the proceedings tonight. I literally feel as though I'm witnessing the demise of our great Republic as I have known and loved it during my lifetime. I can't help that feeling right now. It's genuine. I have a sunken feeling in the pit of my stomach that I’ve never had.

I'm not sure which term fits best what I feel: despair, defeat, despondency, demoralized, hopelessness, deflated. Maybe it's all of them. Right or wrong, that's where I am right now. I'm really down about this. I've never felt this low about my country and what's going on in dirty D.C. than I do right now.

I feel helpless and manipulated. I can feel the great freedom we have enjoyed in this country for my lifetime being incrementally stripped from my grasp as I try desperately to hang onto it.

I feel anger, resentment, and total antipathy toward a president who, in his smug arrogance, has a total in-your-face disregard for the values and traditions that have made this country great, but also for the will of the American people and the Constitution which allegedly governs us. What galls me the most is the fact that it is Obama’s plan for me to feel this way. He wants to tear us down, to feel it, so that we can then look to government for the solution. I have no words to express my anger for how this tool ideologue is manipulating us.

I feel as though we are witnessing the demise of the last bastion of security, entrepreneurship, and capitalism that is the hope and envy of the rest of the world. America has been the one place in the world that all other peoples of the world would look to for ultimate hope of a better life (at least as far as this life on earth is concerned). Are we truly witnessing the beginning of the end of all that? I can't answer that, but I know what I FEEL at the moment.

Please don't preach to me about trust in God and His ultimate guidance in His providence to accomplish His will. I'm already aware of all that. I have trust in God and I know He's in control. I realize He knows the future because He's already been there. He is the ever-present NOW. He is the great I AM.

I'm just spilling my guts right now. And although at times we all get beat up on this forum occasionally, on the other hand it's one of the ideal places where it feels therapeutic to express oneself among a kinship that's unique.

I'm very sad for my country tonight. I feel like sitting down, having a good cry, then offering prayer to the great God of heaven to restore the values and hope to our once great Republic. Why do I feel this sad? One of the primary reasons can be summed up in series of rhetorical questions: Did 6,000 Marines die on Iwo Jima (where my dad landed the first day of battle as an 18-year-old kid) for this? Did scores of others die so years later we would begin to see the erosion of our most precious commodity: freedom? I think not. Did our beloved military men and women pay the ultimate sacrifice so a man/child of a president who has no appreciation of any kind for that sacrifice could rule with soft tyranny? No indeed.

I have ultimate faith, trust, and hope in God to accomplish His will. But there should be nothing wrong to have at least SOME measure of hope in enough decent people (the electorate)to make a significant difference in realigning our moral compass where it should be. How in the world have we gotten to where we are (I know the specific answers; I'm just posing the question for affect and reflective thought)?

Therefore, I will hold out hope that perhaps we can make a difference in November, that we can begin to right the ship. I pray we can clean house in D.C. and elect some men and women who will step up with courage and run with the message that they will turn things around by honoring our great Constitution.

Sorry for the long post. You didn't have to read it. It's good therapy for me and I thank all of you with whom I have a relationship on this board to be able to emotionally unload.

Lastly, I WILL be o.k. This is just a particularly low time for me. This is the first time in my life I've felt this low about this kind of thing. But I can't believe I'm the only one feeling this despondency. I have to think that I'm echoing the same sentiments many of you feel as well. I just had to get this off my chest.

Prayer is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal. Let's not doubt that. "Lord, increase our faith." God bless each of us; and most of all, GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!