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Since some of you are considering this post to be of some trivial significance, - '96Buck [09:13:05 08/25/12]  


Tony Gerdeman
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June 4, 2017 7:20 pm  

I thought I would take the opportunity to thank Mr. Ed, Zanzibar, Bucknik, Gerd and BCast for this "place" and the content that keeps it going. Even apart from the coverage that stands up to anything in Ohio, this site has been head and shoulders above what I could get in Atlanta these 11 years.

But more important than great Buckeye coverage, at least to me, is the camaraderie of this board. Leaving my family and my "boys" behind and moving right into a committed relationship and working my butt off, I have not had a lot of male friends, so this place as source of male bonding has meant a lot more to me than to many of you, I expect.

I have learned a lot of factual information about the world, vicariously shared in your experiences of successes and failures, of combat on distant shores, parenting, marriage, loss, and garage door repair.

Being here has really sharpened my thinking on some topics, honed my appreciation of conservative principles, and given me insights into how others think, or in some cases, how and maybe why they do not.

Probably most important on the grand scheme, it has really fostered my progress on my journey as a Christian.

This place has been great. Thanks to all of you, even the counter examples, without whom the right answers would not be discussed.

I could go on, but I am already dangerously diluting the testosterone that I have been appreciating. Thanks to all of you that gave me something to read without responding (that does happen), for those to whom I have responded, and those who have responded to me as well.