Speaking of dogs eating things, when he was about 6 months old my dog ate a whole t-shirt (m) - SFBuckeye [20:07:20 04/06/10]  


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June 4, 2017 4:05 pm  

We didn't know it at the time because the shirt was all gone. He's a big boy (110lbs now, approx 70lbs at the time). He puked one night. It was a deep blue colored pile of goo, so we knew it was a shirt or some sort of clothing. Then he wouldn't keep food or water down the next day. So we took him to the Vet. We told the Vet about the blue puke. He asked if we tried to piece it together. And he was serious. Anyway, he gave us some meds and told us that if he continues to not keep food/water down that we had to bring him back the next day.

After cleaning up puke through the night, it was my wife's turn to take the dog out around 6am. She's leaning against the door, barely keeping her eyes open, and notices that he's squatting to do his business. Good news. She looks closer, and she sees the base of the shirt (that half an inch folded over sowed part at the bottom of t-shirts) slowly making it's way out the dogs back end. My wife went over to pull the rest out. Just before my wife made it over, and after about a foot and a half of shirt was dangling there, our dog started to feel it. He freaked out. My wife chased him around the yard in her slippers and robe, while the dog tried to escape this poo covered shirt flapping around, slinging poo all over. She finally grabbed the end and pulled out the rest of it as the dog yelped. It was 2.5 - 3 ft long.

I was sound asleep upstairs the whole time. And the dog was fine afterward. Although, if a plate of food and a paper napkin a left alone, he'd still go after the napkin first. Weird.