Spent the weekend in Toledo at my daughter's volleyball tournament. Funny story (m) - BuckeyeJeff [11:46:56 03/22/10]  


Tony Gerdeman
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June 4, 2017 4:04 pm  

I went out to my car during a break in the action to eat lunch. No food was allowed in the gym except for players.

So, I'm sitting in my car and all of a sudden this very large man stops right next to my car on the driver's side, child in hand, and yells, "WHAT? WHERE ARE YOU?!!". He's screaming at the top of his lungs into his cellphone. Scares the crap out of me.

But, he's oblivious that I'm in my car, mere inches away from him. He continues to yell, apparently to his wife, "I'm right HERE. HERE. Turn around. I CAN SEE YOU! No, TURN THE OTHER WAY!". Now, I'm drawn into the conversation whether I like it or not. He's not moving at all. I turn around and I look back towards the gym. I see a large woman on the phone looking around frantically and I can actually hear HER yelling into the phone "WHERE? WHERE ARE YOU?".

So, idiot guy is yelling into his phone to idiot wife trying to find each other. But, neither person is moving. Apparently, because they're both too dumb to walk and talk.

This goes for another minute. "Honey, I'm right here! I can see you. Turn around. I'm in the parking lot!"...."Where?"...."Right HERE!". Both not moving.

Finally, idiot guy gets a small clue and decides he's going to walk towards his wife. But, he has to hang up. Because, the concept of walking and talking is elusive to him. So, he says, "Oh, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, I'll come over there!" and hangs up.

Obviously, idiot wife didn't like that so she called him right back.

As he's walking away from my car, I hear his ringtone.

Its the Michigan Fight Song.

Then, it all made sense.