The real story of the 7 year old driving the van. - buckeye in georgia [13:35:30 05/18/10]  


Tony Gerdeman
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June 4, 2017 4:06 pm  

This didn't happen on a public road or parking lot, it happened in my driveway. The van was parked at the foot of the driveway and simply needed pulled up to the garage - about 30-40 feet. I decided that the oldest boy was old enough to do it, with some help, so I put him in the driver's seat. I stood on the running board with the door open. This was supposed to be a simple put your foot on the brake, put the van in gear, idle/roll up the driveway. It turned out to be a simple put the van in gear and go 0 to 60 in 40 feet. Crashed into the left hand side of the door frame/front of the garage. I went through the open door which ended up like a hyperextended knee or elbow. I broke a couple of ribs. The garage was knocked off the foundation a little bit. He smoked a good bit of the back tires off before he let go of the gas. My wife heard the crash, came and investigated, shot fire at me from her eyes, took my son in the house and locked me out. I really probably needed to go to the hospital, but instead I just kinda laid in the yard for a couple of hours. It was dark before I got up and tried to go in the house. She wouldn't open the door, so I slept in the van. I never said anything to her about it and we've never talked about it.