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May 29, 2017 11:08 pm  

During my time at OSU I enjoyed spring quarter walks on the oval.

My favorite building on campus was the Wexner buidling as it was new and edgy in my day.

I spent most of my time in Hagerty Hall and Page (? the business library) as I was a business major from the first day I stepped on campus as a freshman.

I loved Drackett tower...suck it south campus and the towers..we had a private bathroom and were co-ed by ROOM, not floor. That is to say the rooms next door and across the hall were all girls.

My favorite bars were Papa Joes, Purity's, Crazy Mamas, and Newport for a minute there when it used to open as a dance place on the weekends when there was no band scheduled. Presley's wasn't bad because I could drink there as a frosh.

I loved the $1 gyro place and Adriatico's/Catfish Biff's pizza..and later Hound dog.

I miss Used Kid's records. I miss the old South High Street. I remember when they had to run a cable along High Street to keep people from falling into the road because the sidewalks were so packed and there were so many bars everyone was tipsy. I still heart the Out-R-Inn as heaven on earth. Jimmy Buffet has a song called the Bama Breeze..I think when he wrote it he changed the lyrics to fit the melody and it is really about the Out-R.

I remember Texas Straw Hat, beef and cheddar nights fondly as well as Decidedly Different Dinning (was that at Rainey commons?) where we got to eat a bit upscale. I remember when the phantom band would roll through campus the week of the Michigan game and get us beyond fired up...culminating in swimming mirror lake.

I loved the way each floor in the stacks at the Main Library was a different color. Long's book store and SBX were still independent. The ATO frat house used to have absurd parties and let GDI's in and let us drink all we could handle plus then two more rounds to make sure.

Nancy's.....that Tiki Bar restaurant that was not too close to campus....Brother Jed, Sister Cindy, the short in a shit hole on 9th but loving it.

Hell, I loved everything about my time at Ohio State..even the hard parts and the occasional heartbreak. Such a big place..but it always felt so much like...home.

Good stuff, good times...and now I spend each summer enjoying the weather but wishing for the fall...wishing for OSU football to cheer them on, celebrate my alma matter and enjoy the memories and the life my OSU education has provided for me and my family. The good times keep coming.

I like going back from time to time...but I also love that it is in the hands of a new crop of students who are finding what they love about the university..and furthering our Buckeye legacy.

Oh how great, Ohio State!