I feel like we will be losing an old friend soon for the 3rd time in 7 years - Crabapple Buck [11:42:16 11/21/14]  


Tony Gerdeman
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May 29, 2017 11:15 pm  

I used to hate our old neighbor Lloyd Carr. He always ruined the holidays with his practical jokes like putting ex-lax in chocolate chip cookies, hoping we would shit the bed. But Jim Tressel showed me the error of my ways and I grew to like him. The last 7 years were some of the best visits I ever had with Lloyd. He became very accommodating except for that one time in 2003 at his house when his dog crapped and we got it on our shoes.

I was always friendly toward Rich Rodriguez. He was very amiable and for 3 years as our neighbor I found him to be a good guy. He never borrowed our tools, even after we took one of his and never gave it back. He provided endless good times and laughter whenever we were together. I miss him.

The relationship with Brady Hoke after the Rodriguez's moved out started out complicated. He never pronounced our name right and didn't treat our brother Luke very well. After we had our house remodeled by Meyer & Co. things have been better. Brady seems resigned to the fact that he will be laid off soon and he will have to move since he won't be able to afford the taxes in this neighborhood. I'll probably miss him since he seemed like he was beginning to get to know the neighbors. He even let the Kill's have his jug where he kept all his change. But we won't miss having his 115, oops, make that 114 sons parking their cars on his lawn. I don't know who is moving in next, but I hope they are as friendly as the Rodriguez's.