I just ... I don't think people (even Ohio State fans) understand.... - Blast32 [20:18:35 11/27/13]  


Tony Gerdeman
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May 29, 2017 11:14 pm  

I hate Michigan.

But it's not a rational hate. My hatred for them is completely off the rails. If there ever were a situation where a Michigan victory would mean a national championship game berth for Ohio State, I would still root against them. The very sight of their uniforms... even seeing the same color combination on other things.... makes me just a tiny bit ill. I get almost as much joy from seeing Michigan lose as I do from seeing Ohio State win.

I.... I think I might hate Michigan more than I love Ohio State.

I never want them to win. I want the rivalry to grow stale because we have dominated them so thoroughly and so humiliatingly that most of the nation cannot stomach watching anymore. I want their giant hole in the ground football stadium to be half empty every game. And then fall into a state of disrepair. Then I want their insurers to force them to condemn the place and share MSU's stadium with them. These are the things I fantasize about.

The Cooper years scarred me deeply. The Tressel years were sweet, but it's not enough. It's never enough. They must be beaten and humiliated. They must be driven before us. We must hear the lamentations of their women. They must never forget, deep down where thry cannot even lie to themselves, that they are the inferior, weak partner in this rivalry, and always will be.

Beat. Michigan. Now and forever.