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Grittier Master Teague Is Good News For Buckeyes In 2019  


Tony Gerdeman
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May 14, 2019 12:19 pm  

As a true freshman last season, running back Master Teague carried the ball in three games, all of which came in the first four contests for the Buckeyes in 2018. It was a typical rookie season for an OSU rookie runner. Playing behind JK Dobbins and Mike Weber doesn't really lend itself to many carries, after all. Prior to the Rose...

Bill Pavuk
 Bill Pavuk
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May 14, 2019 12:58 pm  

I like Teague a lot. Seems to run angry and physical. I like Dobbins, too, but I think we have seen his ceiling or very close to it. I think Teague has a few years to develop into the most memorable, special RB we have had since Zeke.

James A. Mills
 James A. Mills
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May 15, 2019 12:00 am  

Even Zeke, what he became, wasn't what we saw his rookie season. Yeah, we saw flashes of what was to come but he had a ruthless beast in front of him showing and teaching him the ropes in Carlos Hyde. Carlos defined what is meant by "sticking your face in there." as a runningback. We can count on less than a single full hand of fingers the times Carlos was dropped for negative yardage. Master Teague is taking on some of those same nasty deed doer traits that Carlos possessed as a Buckeye.

If there are folks out there thinking that Master is fighting for a back-up role they're mistaken. He is hungry to take over and write his own name into Buckeye lore. He doesn't just want to be a memorable runningback. He wants to be unforgettable. With hunger, work ethic, determination, size and speed combined with a healthy dose of the nasty? JK Dobbins, and I like JK a lot, better be upping his game in a major way in 2019. 4.6 ypc for an Ohio State runningback is unacceptable...........period.

Kurt Mews
 Kurt Mews
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May 15, 2019 9:46 am  

Not sure that Dobbins has reached his peak. He will continue to mature in all aspects as the vast majority of athletes do during their college/professional careers. We can't look at last year as an indication for anything as our new offense and struggling OL hampered our running games. Your thoughts on Teague light up OSU fans!