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Ohio State Football Notebook: 'It's not going to be a drop off'  


Tony Gerdeman
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20/04/2019 1:16 pm  

One of the fun things to talk about with every new coach when they come to Ohio State is recruiting. Many of them come from schools that don't quite carry the same weight as OSU in recruiting circles, so the answers they give are always enlightening. During his introductory press conference a year ago, new (and now former) safeties coach...

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20/04/2019 2:24 pm  

no dropoff?
we have an untested qb.
we have a defense that's a huge question mark.
we have a first year head coach with a revamped staff.

and no dropoff? well, if 9-3 isn't a "dropoff" then ok...because that's the record i think we're going to have.

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20/04/2019 4:45 pm  

OSU will not lose 3 games. Our defense will be better than last year's defense that some how only lost one game. We have new coaches on that side so the defense will be better. Our offense will be more balanced with the running game helping out Justin Fields in the passing game. Justin Fields is the highest rated QB since Terrelle Pryor. I'm not worried about him. We have home games with MSU, WI, and PSU. MSU offense is bad. WI and PSU both will have new QB's due to transfers and graduation. TSUN lost several defensive starters that we destroyed last year. They also lost two coaches and they are on our staff now. They will also be putting in a new offense, but I think we can still beat them again. I say we may lose 1 game at the most since going undefeated rarely happens.