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[Sticky] Policies and Guidelines for Posting  


Tony Gerdeman
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March 2, 2020 10:41 pm  

Here is a brief explanation of the policies that will be enforced on this board:

Focus and Purpose

The purpose of this board is to be a discussion area for Ohio State fans. Posts to this board should be relevant to that topic. Opposing viewpoints are welcome, but non-OSU-fans are expected to respect the fact that this is "our house." 

Inappropriate Posts

Inappropriate posts include:

  • Flames ("you suck!"), personal attacks, and profanity.
  • Chest-beating by fans of other teams ("Ohio State sucks!").
  • Off-topic posts ("The SEC is God's own conference").
  • Factually false posts, particularly of a personal nature with regards to players and coaches. People have been sued for making false and malicious posts on message boards.
  • Playing games with handles. For example, using someone else's name (e.g., "Lloyd Carr"), using multiple handles to appears as multiple people (e.g., conducting an argument with yourself). Now that the forum has gone to registration, creating multiple registrations for a single person is not allowed, and all accounts are subject to termination if his happens.
  • Registering with a handle whose intent is to cause confusion with an existing poster's handle is not allowed. At the discretion of admins, such accounts will be terminated.
  • Post promoting products, services, web sites, or anything else.
  • Obscenity, either in the title or in the body of text.
  • Posts which obviously incite others to post outside our rules, whether the original post is within the rules or not.
  • Off-topic posts, including meta-discussions (for example admin actions). If you have a problem with moderation policy, take it up with the forum owner, offline.
  • Ticket scalping. You may not offer or solicit tickets on the-Ozone.
  • Copyright violation. You may not paste other sites' content here, beyond small snippets that constitute fair use.

Actions Taken

Inapproprate postings are subject to deletion from the forum. At the discretion of any of the volunteer administrators, an offending post will be removed, usually with the entire thread (all responses) under it.

If a given person develops a history of attempts to disrupt this board, action will be taken to remove their posting privileges entirely.

What if I have a problem?

If you have a problem with a particular act, please notify Be sure to include the date/time/content of your posting.

Volunteer administrators who abuse their administrative privileges will have their administrative privileges revoked.


Comments and suggestions on these policies are welcome to this site's owner.