Contribute to the-Ozone


Why Contribute to the-Ozone?

Since it’s inception in October of 1996, the-Ozone has been dedicated to the idea of providing Buckeye Athletics information free of charge to the public.

The reality is, however, that maintaining the-Ozone is not free. Staff costs, travel expenses, bandwidth, programming, photo and video equipment, and many other factors require considerable investment.

While we derive some income from advertising revenue, it is our desire to minimize our dependence on advertising.

If you are in a position to help support the-Ozone your assistance is appreciated. Any amount helps. We have received cash donations as small as $5 and as large as $1,000. We have received other donations (hotel rooms, etc.) of even greater value.

How much you donate is up to you. If you are undecided on an amount sites similar to the-Ozone charge subscription fees that are in the range of $100 per year.

To contribute via Paypal or credit card use the button below.

To contribute by check mail to:

Ozone Communications, LLC
15520 Shell Point Blvd
Fort Myers FL  33908