Ohio Stadium Facts

Ohio Stadium – Before and After

Ohio Stadium at sunset.
Ohio Stadium and Ohio Field at Sunset

Before and After Renovation Facts:

The renovation of Ohio Stadium and Ohio Field has made the facility a different place. In addition to increased capacity and other changes that can be easily seen there have been improvements in bathroom facilities, concession  facilities, club seating, locker rooms, press box, media facilities and more.

Square Footage of “A” Concourse399,978 sq. ft.536,850 sq. ft.
Length of Stadium704 feet919 feet
Width of Stadium596 feet, 6 inches679 feet
Square Footage of the ground the Stadium is build upon.419,936 sq. ft.624,001 sq. ft.
Number of acres9.8 acres14.5 acres
Acres of playing surface1.4 acres1.6 acres
Height of scoreboard from field level106 feet, 10 inches147 feet
Width of scoreboard106 feet158 feet, 2 inches
Height of scoreboard44 feet, 7 inches42 feet
Height of video screen25 feet40 feet*
Width of video screen37 feet120 feet*
Height of press box from field level118 feet, 10 inches183 feet, 4 inches
Flagpole height147 feet, 2 inches162 feet
Family Restrooms024
Concession Stands80194
Club Seats02,625

* The original scoreboard display after the 2002 renovation measured 30 feet by 90 feet. In 2012, that display was replaced by a new high definition screen measuring 40 feet by 120 feet.

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