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Buckeye Football Mailbag: Pre-Spring Game Edition – Part II

We covered Part I of this Mailbag on Tuesday, so rather than write another needless introductory paragraph, I would direct you to the link above so that you can be properly introduced to this spring mailbag because how else are you going to have any idea of what you are reading unless you are introduced to it via some preliminary words before you get to the portion of the content…
Kendall Sheffield

Have Buckeyes Found Third Member of Corner Rotation in Kendall Sheffield?

Kendall Sheffield didn’t come to Ohio State to provide depth, he came to Ohio State to see the field early and often. Based on his spring performance so far, he has been everything the Buckeye coaches had hoped he would be. Maybe even a little more. After just two weeks of practice, the redshirt sophomore junior college transfer had his black stripe removed. That’s indicative of a quick acclimation to…

3,721 Miles Not Too Far for Ed Miller

COLUMBUS, OH – The day’s activities at the Ohio State coaching clinic had come to a conclusion. Attendees were filing out of the building, including this reporter who had just listened to a presentation by OSU offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson. The sun had long set and the man-door at the west end of the indoor practice field led to a dimly lit parking lot. As I made my way to…
Jim Harbaugh tips his cap

B1G Spring Teleconference: Updates from the 13 Other Big Ten Head Coaches

We have already discussed the ground that Urban Meyer covered during today’s Big Ten coaches spring teleconference, but you might be surprised to learn that the conference’s other coaches participated as well. Here are some of the key points that each of them talked about. Jeff Brohm | Purdue Jeff Brohm’s call begins with bad cell reception, which is in no way indicative of the way things are going to…
Urban Meyer Watching

Two-Minute Drill: Urban Meyer on the B1G Coaches Spring Teleconference

The Big Ten had their annual spring coaches teleconference on Wednesday. Urban Meyer provided plenty of updates during his portion of the conversation. Here are the highlights. + The emphasis this spring on offense was 1) pass protection; 2) accuracy; and 3) finish. + The secondary is very strong right now. Junior college transfer Kendall Sheffield is ahead of the freshmen. He is in the rotation at cornerback right now.…
Football Videos

Watch: Live Life Wednesdays Provides Powerful Message for Buckeyes

Speakers Derek Greenfield and Eve Hudson talk with the Ohio State football team about life, culture, pain, and everything in between in a powerful Live Life Wednesday message designed to bring the entire team closer together. Thank you to @ProfessorDG & @EveHudsonPhD for a powerful Live Life Wednesday discussion that truly brought this team closer together. pic.twitter.com/cl6Czt59dX — Ohio State Football (@OhioStateFB) April 11, 2017