Football The Rivalry

Looking for an Unsung Hero? Got You Covered.

Has the glow worn off yet? Somehow I doubt it. Saturday’s win over Michigan will leave Buckeye Nation smiling until the next time the Buckeyes fail to pick up a third and short, but we know that won’t be for a while, so the Buckeye State is still beaming. There are tons of back stories to The Game, from The Spot to Jim Harbaugh’s incredibly poor behavior in the postgame…
10 Things Michigan 2016
Football The Rivalry

Ten Things We Learned From Ohio State’s 30-27 Double-Overtime Win Over Michigan

The thing about classics is that you can never do them the service that they deserve, so it’s best to just provide the words that can convey the message in a manner that doesn’t lean too far into screaming or blank disbelief. Standing on the field for the final five minutes and the two overtimes, it was impossible not to simply take in a 360-degree view every couple of minutes,…