Prince Earns Redemption In Emotional Win Over Penn State

For 371 days, it drove him. OSU RT Isaiah Prince’s nightmarish evening against Penn State in Happy Valley in 2016 played a central role in the Buckeyes’ only regular season loss. OSU gave up six sacks that night, and then eight more against Michigan, and Prince was targeted both by opposing defensive coordinators and the Buckeyes’ own fanbase. He spent much of the fall squarely in the crosshairs of angry…
Penn State Celebration

Buckeyes Get It Done Despite Mistakes

The Ohio State Buckeyes played one of the worst games played in OSU history against Penn State. For much of the game there was serious concern that the Buckeyes would run out of body parts before the end of the game. That’s because after they shot themselves in both feet they proceeded to shoot themselves in every other body part…

Football Recruiting

Look At All the Big-Name Recruits In Columbus For the PSU Game

Ohio Stadium is loaded with four and five-star football players today, and they’re not just on the field. This is a huge recruiting weekend for the Buckeyes as they look to fill out their 2018, 2019, and 2020 recruiting classes. More than 10 prospects who are already committed to the Buckeyes are expected to be on campus today for the showdown between #6 Ohio State and #2 Penn State, but…