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Michigan Monday: Speight Is Enough

Michigan moved to 2-0 on the season thanks to an easy 51-14 win over a UCF team that thinks they know what they’re doing but doesn’t have the players to actually get it done. Michigan led 31-0 with 11:30 remaining in the second quarter, so please forgive me for only watching the first three quarters of this game. Don’t worry, though, I totally skimmed the box score play-by-play to see…
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Michigan Football is in Need, So Ohio State Should Help Them Out

In sports, specifically where rivals are concerned, there is almost always a time and place for hostility and vitriol and rancor and acrimony and disdain and repulsion and animus, but there also comes a time when those things need to be temporarily put away when someone is in need. Unfortunately, that time has come. The University of Michigan football team is in need and the Ohio State Buckeyes are in…
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The More Challenging 2016 Schedule, Michigan or Ohio State?

I was recently speaking to a Michigan fan who, despite a few adult beverages, seemed knowledgeable about his favorite program and college football in general. One comment he made to me was that the Wolverines’ football schedule was “certainly harder” than Ohio State’s. At the time I laughed it off and blamed it on his fandom and the booze, but after talking to other Michigan fans, I’ve realized this thought…
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Buckeyes Don’t Plan on Changing What They Do in Michigan Just Because Jim Harbaugh’s Around

The Buckeyes are no strangers to having success in the state of Michigan, whether it’s between the white stripes of the football field or the yellow lines on the highways of the recruiting trail. Ohio State has won six of the last eight times they’ve been in Ann Arbor and they have yet to lose in East Lansing this century. But while they don’t play in the state of Michigan…
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On the Origin of Committing by Means of Hatural Selection

  Hat Science was born in its current formal form on December 13, 2013 during the commitment ceremony of linebacker Raekwon McMillan. Back then, it was hardly the multi-dollar industry that it is now. How did it come to be the all-consuming study that it is today? I’m a pretty humble guy, so I’m not claiming that this is my discovery anymore than Isaac Newton claims that he discovered gravity,…
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The NCAA, Big Five Conferences Allow Coaches, Staff and Their Families Free Travel to Bowl Games; Why Not Players’ Families?

A lot has been written about the cost of travel and lodging for parents of the players involved in the first-ever College Football Playoff over the last week or two, and a lot has been said about the subject from the coaches involved as well. Rather than have one of our writers simply add their own thoughts to the discussion, we decided that it would be better to hear a…
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Julian Vann — The Man Who Knew No Fear

If you were in a dark alley somewhere in Ann Arbor, and you could only have one Buckeye football player by your side, who would you choose? That was the question posed to a dozen players on Sunday at Ohio State’s family day. As you would expect, John Simon got the most votes, but there was a tie at second place between a guy that you know, and one that…
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The Buckeyes Send Earle Out a Winner

[NOTE: This was part of a series written in 2005 by John Porentas and Tom Orr, based on one-on-one interviews conducted with both coaches. You can also read “Earle Bruce and Bo Schembechler on Their Most Memorable Games“ and “The Game That Made The Game“] Bo Schembechler’s first game as a head coach in the OSU-Michigan series ended with perhaps the biggest Wolverine win ever. But Earle Bruce’s last game as the head…