J.T. Barrett and Dwayne Haskins

Want the Perfect Quarterback? Get a Competitor First

Ohio State has four quarterbacks who are all a bit different from each other. J.T. Barrett is the do-it-all dual-threat game manager who knows every last secret this Ohio State offense has to tell. Joe Burrow might be a taller version of Barrett, looking for that same kind of inner knowledge. Dwayne Haskins, meanwhile, is young, but has an arm that makes you forget about his legs. Then there’s Tate…
Buckeye receivers like Terry McLaurin have plenty to prove

No Separation Anxiety for Buckeye Receivers This Spring

“J.T. Barrett doesn’t have the arm!” “The guys can’t get open!” “And when they do get open, they can’t catch!” “J.T. can’t see ’em!” “The line can’t block long enough to even look deep!” “It’s too windy!” Last year, all of these words were spoken by many thousands of people when it came to explaining away Ohio State’s struggles with the deep ball. The Buckeyes completed just four passes of…
Ohio State Buckeyes Buckeye Football Notebook

Buckeye Football Notebook: ‘If it doesn’t make you sick to your stomach, you’re not going to be able to play here’

Ohio State has new coaches on offense because of how poorly the Buckeyes threw the ball a year ago. Every spring sees a renewed focus on the passing game, but this year it was a bit different with new offensive coordinators Kevin Wilson and Ryan Day on hand. Urban Meyer spoke all spring long about the need to improve the deep ball, but that was just one of the areas…
Damon Arnette ohio state football

Finalizing Ohio State’s Post-Spring Depth Chart on Defense

We have already looked at the best guess at the post-spring offensive depth chart for the Buckeyes, which means that it’s time to give the same treatment to the Silver Bullets. There is a lot of talent returning for the Buckeye defense despite some heavy losses to the NFL. There only real concern at this point is in the secondary, where the Buckeyes must replace three starters. Over the 15…
Max Wray and Urban Meyer smile for the camera as Wrey commits to be a Buckeye

Buckeye Football Commitment Impact: Offensive Lineman Max Wray

The Buckeyes bolstered their offensive line recruiting in a big way before the Spring Game when 4-star offensive tackle Max Wray out of Franklin, Tennessee. Wray committed to Ohio State over the likes of Alabama and in-state Tennessee. The Buckeyes made a significant impression on him during his visit to campus two weeks ago and it was enough to get him to make his pledge only a week later. What…
Mesh Concept will bolster OSU passing game.

Buckeye Breakdown: The Mesh Concept

New Buckeye OC Kevin Wilson and QB Coach Ryan Day wasted no time implementing changes within the passing game that will lead to an even more explosive offense than 2016 produced. The 2017 Spring Game provided Buckeye fans an opportunity to window shop the anticipated changes coming to the offensive side of the ball. In this installment of Buckeye Breakdown, we take a closer look at the short passing game that…
Tate Martell Throwing Ohio State Spring Game

The Buckeye Re-Watch: 2017 Ohio State Spring Game

I don’t usually go back and put too much time and effort into watching the Ohio State Spring Game broadcast when I get home, but this year was a bit unique in that I actually felt like doing it. Neither of us are interested in rehashing my “Ten Things We Learned…”, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty more to talk about, especially after taking a closer look once…

…And Starring Tony Alford as ‘The Batman’

You ever dance with the devil by the pale moonlight? Ohio State running backs coach Tony Alford asks that of all of his running backs (not really) before he whacks them with a bat like the one pictured above. He just…likes the sound of it. Alford isn’t joking around in practice, however, as he swings the bat in drills in order for his players to work on ball security. He…
Things get a little heated in the Circle Drill Spring Game 2017

Spring Winners and Losers

The public scrimmage also known as “the Spring Game” is in the books. Those subscribing to the charade will tell you that the score was 38-31 and that the Scarlet team won. You might detect a note of sarcasm in that first paragraph, but ask yourself this: when was the last time the people you know weren’t upset about an OSU football loss? The OSU Gray lost, people should be…
Buckeye Football Notebook Spring Ohio State

Buckeye Football Notebook: ‘Boy, if you drop that ball I’m gonna clown you’

The throwback pass to J.T. Barrett on Saturday was put in the Buckeyes’ playbook earlier in the week and they had practiced it several times in preparation for the game. Catching a football is something that players have been doing their entire lives, but for Barrett, he had a little added pressure applied to him by former teammate Cardale Jones. “Oh my goodness, it was so funny,” Barrett said. “Me…