J.T. Barrett on the field after Michigan-Ohio 2016.
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Video: From the Final Play Through Carmen Ohio – Panic, Chaos, Exultation

COLUMBUS — Pandemonium. Bedlam. A madhouse. Ohio Stadium was all of these things following Curtis Samuel’s touchdown run to give the Buckeyes a 30-27 win over Michigan in double overtime. Experience all of it in the video below. From Samuel’s game winner, to J.T. Barrett seeking out Samuel, to the pure joy of fans everywhere you look, to Carmen Ohio, to Urban Meyer and his son finding each other amid…
Luke Fickell Ohio State Buckeyes
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Luke Fickell Wanted This One for His Guys Because He Knows the Pain a Loss Brings

Luke Fickell knows what it feels like to lose to Michigan. He knows what it feels like to have Michigan take away his title hopes in heartbreaking manner. He knows what it’s like trying to get over something that has taken up permanent residence in his gut. And that’s why he was so happy that his players can go another year without having to experience that kind of pain. Fickell…
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Notes on an Instant Classic in The Rivalry

COLUMBUS — Ohio State defeated Michigan in two overtimes by a final of 30-27 on Saturday in what is sure to be a long-remembered game in the storied rivalry between OSU and Michigan. Curtis Samuel scored the winning points on a 15-yard touchdown run.  The OSU win left Urban Meyer undefeated in The Rivalry and Jim Harbaugh winless in The Rivalry. You most likely saw the game, so there isn’t a whole…
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Two-Minute Drill: Postgame Updates from Ohio State’s 30-27 Double-Overtime Win Over Michigan

COLUMBUS — Players and coaches spoke with the media following the Ohio State’s 30-27 double-overtime win over Michigan. Most of them were in very good moods, except for the visitor’s side. Urban Meyer Updates + Meyer received a call from his wife Shelley before he began speaking. He said she told him to bring home a gallon of milk. + On the fourth down attempts, Meyer said that Florida AD…
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Staff Picks: Michigan at Ohio State

It’s the most important Staff Picks of the year. This is the one staff pick that you get remembered for. When your staff picks days are done, people will always ask you, “What was your record picking the Michigan game?” You never want to be on the wrong end of this pick. I was on the wrong end in 2005 and I still hear about it from people who are…
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Five Predictions: Michigan at Ohio State

What more needs to be said? We are smack dab in the middle of the best time of the year and the glory of Saturday afternoon is just a day away. I almost feel bad spoiling what is going to happen, but if you didn’t want to know you wouldn’t have clicked. You have been warned. 1. Jabrill Peppers will have at least seven touches. Michigan is going to need…
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How I See It — Michigan at Ohio State

As the world’s foremost authority on things that I know, and the world’s second-most foremost authority on things that I think I know (my wife is the world’s foremost authority on that), I thought it would be appropriate for me to share what I know — and what I think I know — about The Game. Having watched every game each of Ohio State and Michigan have played for over…
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Buckeye Football Notebook: ‘Our guys are better than your guys’

Everybody has a subject that they bristle at when it is brought up. For some Buckeyes, that subject has been impossible to avoid this week. It’s probably a good thing that the team only met with the media on Monday and has been on lockdown the rest of the week. That subject, of course, is Michigan football, and you can’t go anywhere in the city of Columbus this week without…