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Statistical Projection: Ohio State Buckeyes at Indiana Hoosiers

I was close on some aspects of this game but like many people I thought it would be much closer than it was. Read: I thought Cincinnati might score some actual points. But, I’m not complaining. Justin Fields made me look smart last Saturday, which is a rare feat and one that I’m eternally grateful for. My prediction for him was 20 completions for 238 yards…

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Determined and Humbled, Chris Olave Prepared for Impactful Sophomore Season

For most college football players, their freshman season is a constant battle to gain footing on a merry-go-round made of quicksand and confusion. Each step is a learning process, but eventually the quicksand solidifies and the merry-go-round slows down. For Ohio State sophomore wide receiver Chris Olave, he found his footing relatively quickly upon…