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Tracking Former Ohio State Football Transfers: Offense

Tate Martell’s move to Miami this week is just the latest in one of college football’s unfortunate annual offseason traditions: transfers. Every FBS program can have 85 players on scholarship, the vast majority of whom think they’re good enough to be playing. With barely half of those guys even cracking the two-deep in any given year, frustration and a handful of transfers every year from every school is pretty much inevitable.

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Football Hayes & Cannon The Rivalry

Starting Quarterback and Leader of Men: Dwayne Haskins

Leadership can be defined a number of ways. When you really think about it though, you generally only have two types of leaders. On one hand, you have a leader who is simply a leader because of his or her position. It’s an appointed status. On the other hand, you can have a leader who, because of their actions, causes people to follow them.