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Two-Minute Drill: Postgame Updates from Ohio State’s 30-27 Double-Overtime Win Over Michigan

COLUMBUS — Players and coaches spoke with the media following the Ohio State’s 30-27 double-overtime win over Michigan. Most of them were in very good moods, except for the visitor’s side.

Urban Meyer Updates

+ Meyer received a call from his wife Shelley before he began speaking. He said she told him to bring home a gallon of milk.

+ On the fourth down attempts, Meyer said that Florida AD Jeremy Foley used to tell him that if you can’t get a yard then you’re not a championship team anyway.

+ “I think we’re one of the top teams in the country.”

+ Meyer said on Samuel’s run in overtime where he doubled back, he was worried that they were going to get knocked out of field goal range.

+ On being part of this game: “It’s awesome. And it’s good for the country to see the Big Ten in action like that.”

+ J.T. Barrett didn’t start out well, aside from the first drive. He had some misfires. The protection struggled. There were drops. “They just kept swinging.”

+ Meyer didn’t talk to Tyler Durbin after the second miss, instead patting him on the butt.

+ Meyer called the fake punt. Sometimes in a good you need a shot of energy or have to take a chance to change the fortunes.

+ Meyer didn’t want to be disrespectful to past games, but he knows this one will live on for a very long time.

+ This a young team that has responded twice now to 10-0 deficits by coming back to win in overtime.

Luke Fickell Updates

+ Proud to see the guys pick themselves up after there may have been doubts in their minds. They thrived in that situation.

+ This game always means a lot for him because he knows what the players will feel like if they lose.

+ It’s going to be tough to top this one. “I don’t know if there’s one that’s been this up and down and this stressful and this gratifying.”

+ He happened to look up in time to see Curtis Samuel score the winning touchdown. He was preparing for the next possession. He looked up and saw somebody darting through into the end zone.

+ It’s a gratifying win because he knows how long the feeling last when you win or lose.

+ It’s unique that this defense is so gifted when it comes to returning interceptions for touchdowns. They play a lot of man coverage and you’re not supposed to get a lot of picks in man coverage.

+ The defense harassed Jerome Baker for not returning his interception for a touchdown.

+ When you don’t pick up a fake punt, that’s just a part of the game. There is no pointing fingers. There are nine units, but they all have to come together as one.

+ “I don’t sleep. I don’t eat all week. It’s so hard for me because of some of the experiences that I have.”

Jim Harbaugh Updates

+ “I’m bitterly disappointed with the officiating today.” Harbaugh said the fourth down run by Barrett was short by about a foot.

+ “Yeah, I’m bitter.”

+ They talked about going for two in overtime but decided against it quickly.

+ What did Harbaugh say to the team: “The same things I just said to you.”

+ Harbaugh said there were outrageous calls, including the 4th down play. “The ball doesn’t make it to the line, gave them a first down.”

J.T. Barrett Updates

+ Barrett said he was trying to block somebody on the final play, but he’s not much of a blocker.

+ Ohio State had good things called in the first half, they just weren’t executing it, including himself.

+ The defense was doing their job, the offense needed to do theirs. They wanted to go out in the second half and do their part.

+ “I’m just really thankful, honestly.”

+ Barrett wasn’t sure he made the first down, but the refs said he did.

+ They are used to situations like the fourth down plays.

+ “I just looked around and, man, that just happened.”

+ “I think that’s why you play the game of football, for moments like this.”

+ What did Barrett tell Tyler Durbin before his final field goal attempt: “I just told him he’s got this.”

Sam Hubbard Updates

+ On setting the edge against Jabrill Peppers on third down: “I wasn’t thinking there would be a sweep or something like that. He faked the ball and tried to get on the edge and squared up so he could shake me. And I squared up. I just dove for his legs and it was good to have Malik there to help me out.”

+ Looking back, this was one of the biggest plays of the game.

Pat Elflein Updates

+ Elflein said that when he saw Michigan’s alignment prior to Curtis Samuel’s touchdown run, he knew the game was over.

+ On winning this kind of game: “It’s a testament to our coaches and to our program and how we never stop swinging. That’s how we practice all year round. To come out a few times, like at Michigan State and Wisconsin, and never stop swinging. This is such a great game to send the seniors off with.”

+ On the issues on offense: “We were getting pressure. I’m not exactly sure about everything else. I just know we gave up a lot of sacks so we have to get better on offense with that.”

Jalyn Holmes Updates

+ On defense’s attitude in overtime: “Our whole thing was to just win the game. We needed to put our offense in good position to win the game.”

Tyquan Lewis Updates

+ On defensive pressure: “It was basically all straight rushes. We used our techniques and stuck to everything we knew. We stuck with everything Coach Johnson has taught us. We had to be very efficient.”

Jerome Baker Updates

+ On defense and offense helping each other: “We just try to get out there and do our job. We didn’t have our heads down. The offense had the momentum. They had their ups, and we just had to go out there and play.”

+ On preparing for the game: “Preparing for The Team Up North is always at the next level. Especially ever since they have Jim Harbaugh. They do a lot of different things on offense. They really try to confuse you with the different personnel settings and formations, alignment, shifts, and motions. It was a really intense week.”

Michigan Quarterback Wilton Speight Updates

+ On if Ohio State and Michigan are the best two teams in the Big Ten: “Yeah, no doubt. Along with Alabama, we are arguably one of the best teams in the country. I think the chance at the playoff is slim to none now. It stinks that that will be our last shot to play these guys.”

+ On how tough the loss is to take: “I feel like I let the defense down with the mistakes I made. It stings. But we had opportunities down the stretch and got into the second overtime but I am not going to comment on the ref’s calls at the end of the game.”

Michigan Fullback Khalid Hill Updates

+ On the magnitude of the game: “It was a struggle. I got stopped on the goal line earlier and then coach showed the trust he had in me by giving me the ball again. But it’s not about me, it’s not selfish. We wanted to get the win as a team but we fell short as a team. We have to keep our heads up and keep moving.”