Ranking Ohio State’s Top 10 Playmakers on Offense: No. 10

Trevon Grimes

The No. 10 player on this list is a projection because he has yet to play a single college down. That being said, he has as much potential as any player Urban Meyer has ever brought to Ohio State.

No. 10 — Trevon Grimes, Fr. Wide Receiver

Trevon Grimes has not taken part in an Ohio State practice yet, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t working in preparation to contribute in 2017. He missed all but three games of his senior season due to an ACL tear, but in those two-plus games he had 15 receptions for 274 yards and two touchdowns. As a junior, he caught 27 passes for 496 yards and seven touchdowns.

Grimes was ranked as the top receiver in the nation prior to his injury. At 6-foot-4 and 202 pounds, he can rattle off a 4.49 like Aaron Craft solving a Rubik’s Cube.

If Trevon Grimes can become a legitimate playmaker, he would become the first true freshman wide receiver to do that for Urban Meyer at OSU.

To this point, six wide receivers have played as true freshmen for Meyer — Michael Thomas in 2012; James Clark in 2013; Johnnie Dixon and Noah Brown in 2014; and Austin Mack and Binjimen Victor in 2016 — and they have combined for a total of 10 catches and 110 yards receiving in their rookie seasons.

(No, Dontre Wilson does not count because he wasn’t out wide, he was an H-back.)

Statistical History

What He Does Well

Grimes has plenty of speed to get deep, but it’s not just speed that is required. Hitting that speed at the right time and overcoming a defender with technique is what literally separates a receiver from a defender. He has already shown this ability against the top talent in high school football. On a field against three-time national champion Bishop Gorman last season, Grimes was a dominating force.

Doing this against college defenders, of course, is a bit different.

He is not just a deep threat, however. He has a tremendous feel for the sidelines and the body control to secure a tough catch out wide. Grimes can be an X receiver on third and eight, or he can be a Z who runs deep routes. He has the size to shield the ball away from defenders on slants, and the strength to shed a tackle and the speed to go the distance.

Trevon Grimes in 2017

No freshman wide receiver has made an impact at Ohio State under Urban Meyer yet, but there is eventually going to be a first. Grimes is coming back from an ACL tear, which will slow his ability to hit the ground running once camp starts. He’ll be brought along at a pace the coaches and strength staff are comfortable with.

There is, however, plenty of reason to be excited.

He might start out slowly during camp, but the plan will be to have him full go for the season. Quarterback J.T. Barrett is looking for weapons, and Zach Smith is looking for a rotation of around six receivers. The group as a whole has underperformed of late, so if Grimes can make plays, there will be no hesitation to get him on the field.

Ohio State doesn’t have anybody else like Grimes. Binjimen Victor has the size, but he doesn’t have Grimes’ speed. The only thing holding Grimes back this season is his inexperience. That goes away the more he plays.

Putting a true freshman wide receiver on this list is a stretch, but Ohio State hasn’t had many freshman receivers like Trevon Grimes.

What They Are Saying

“You never know until they get here, but obviously on film and just recruiting and evaluation, he is (an instant impact player). Rehab is going really well. He’s killing it. He’s doing really well. It’s just going to be about when he gets here how he transitions and how mature he is and if he’s one of those of those kids that comes in with the mentality to play as a freshman. Because they all want to and they all think they’re going to, but some kids come in and they just can’t seem to feel the speed of the game at this level. They can’t learn the offense as fast, or for whatever reason. We’re going to have to see where he’s at. I would anticipate he makes a push for it though.” — Zach Smith

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