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Accost the Field — Episode 5: The Talking is Finally Over

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Yes, it’s been two weeks since the last episode of Accost the Field, and for that we apologize. Some unforeseen technical difficulties forced us to scrap the last show, but trust me, it was amazing. Probably the best podcast ever recorded, and that’s me being conservative.

We are back this week to talk about the week that was at Ohio State, as well as preview Thursday’s game at Indiana, obviously. Can you believe we’re just a day away?

The Rundown

(Most of this is based on memory, and probably not great memory. And it’s not in any meaningfully accurate order.)

+ How healthy is Mike Weber?

+ Something, something, J.K. Dobbins.

+ What’s the deal with Demario McCall

+ Urban Meyer’s concerns headed into this game, namely his receivers.

+ Indiana coach Tom Allen’s concerns, which are probably more significant.

+ A few things to watch for in Thursday’s game.

+ Tony’s about to find out how right or wrong he’s been about blaming everything on Ed Warinner and Tim Beck.

+ Is nine captains too many? And is 28 starters too many? Is Urban Meyer just handing out participation trophies?

+ Is Zach Smith untouchable when it comes to being fired?

+ Jim Harbaugh is unnecessarily childish and it’s the second-best thing to happen to the Big Ten this decade.

+ There’s more probably.

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