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Accost the Field — Episode 4: I Know Who the Backup Quarterback Is

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In this episode of Accost the Field with Tony Gerdeman, the show begins with a discussion of Paul Finebaum claiming that people should have expected more from Urban Meyer in his first five seasons at Ohio State.

We then move into reality after that and talk about things that actually exist.

The Rundown

+ Updates from the quarterbacks and position coach Ryan Day.

+ What is the most important quarterback trait according to Day?

+ How the horizontal passing game will help.

+ Throwing the ball to the right spots.

+ “Being aggressive without being foolish.”

+ Do they Buckeyes need to know or announce who the backup quarterback is before the first game?

+ I tell you who actually is the backup quarterback.

+ We then move to updates on the cornerbacks and special teams from Kerry Coombs.

+ How former Buckeyes now in the NFL are still helping to coach the OSU corners.

+ What makes Damon Arnette so similar to Bradley Roby.

+ Updates on the freshman corners.

+ What the staff wants from their punt returner.

+ Updates on the kicking battle and punter Drue Chrisman.

+ There is one more car on the Hype Train.

+ We then answered questions from listeners.

+ This is not an exhaustive list, but it was exhausting to have to remember it all.

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5 Responses

  1. I remember the 1st 2 years Coach Meyer was here and the back end was awful, there were some who wanted to throw out Kerry Coombs along with Everett Withers. Now we’re looking at Coombs as being MAYBE the best cornerbacks coach Ohio State has had. If he can keep churning out the NFL DBs he might make it there.

  2. I admire what Meyer has done at OSU. I question some of his coaching hires though (Everett Withers, Tim Beck). Meyer let the Tim Beck debacle go on too long and it cost us a national championship in 2015. The 2015 team, with all that NFL talent, should have been one of the top all time teams in college football history. Withers defense was a joke. Of course Meyer has made some great coaching hires as well. Meyer needs to make coaching changes quicker instead of letting bad defenses and bad offenses continue when there are no signs of improvement. Otherwise, couldn’t be happier with coach Meyer. Go Bucks!

    1. I think the players share plenty of blame too. Remember all of the suspensions?

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