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Blowout Sale on The Thrillogy

As previously announced, in couple of weeks Mr. Ed is heading to greener pastures.

One of the things he takes care of is shipping orders for our e-commerce operation.

We have a couple hundred copies of The Thrillogy that we’d rather not move to Florida, so we’re offering them at a deep discount to clear the inventory before Mr. Ed makes his move.

Visit our storefront to get a great deal on The Thrillogy.

Buy one and get it for 15.99 instead of 24.95.

Buy two and get them both at half price.

Already have a copy? Get a couple for those Buckeye fans you know that haven’t gotten theirs yet. You’ll be doing them a favor.

The Thrillogy chronicles OSU’s three-game postseason run in 2014 that includes the thrashing of Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship game, the Sugar Bowl win over Alabama, and the win over Oregon to capture the College Football Playoff National Championship.

The Thrillogy includes quotes from players and coaches, analysis, and spectacular photography by Jim Davidson and Dan Harker.

The Thrillogy is written by Tony Gerdeman and John Porentas.

The Thrillogy
The Thrillogy