The-Ozone Staff Picks: Ohio State at Indiana

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The Ohio State Buckeyes of college football fame play a game tonight. You may have heard. If you haven’t, then boy, you picked one heck of a day to randomly show up at a website that covers OSU.

The No. 2 Buckeyes head to Bloomington for the biggest game in Indiana football history. Ohio State is favored by 20.5 points. How does that compare to how we all see it? Good question.

Our thoughts are below for all to see. Make sure you add your own predictions in the comments.

Tony Gerdeman
As I’ve been saying anywhere that will listen, I’m not sure how Indiana scores enough points to make this game as interesting as people are hoping. Kevin Wilson was the reason the Hoosiers have given the Buckeyes trouble in the past, and now he’s on the opposite sideline. Indiana holstered OSU’s passing game last year, but the Buckeyes still rushed for 290 yards on 5.8 yards per carry. This year, the Wilson shoes are on the other feet, which should help the Ohio State passing game. The running game — even with a dinged-up Mike Weber — will be just fine.

Indiana’s best bet on offense would be to challenge the new Buckeye corners and strong safeties deep down the field. That will require the IU offensive line to give quarterback Richard Lagow the time to do so. They’ll get a big hit or two, but that’s not an offense that is going to win this game. I wouldn’t be surprised if this downfield passing attack leads to multiple interceptions for the Buckeye safeties.
Ohio State 42, Indiana 17

Caroline Rice
I have no doubt the Buckeyes will come away with a huge win. This team is talented and they are going to show that right away. I think the Scarlet and Gray want to come out with a bang and make a statement before facing Oklahoma next week. I don’t think the familiarity of Kevin Wilson’s coaching is going to have an effect on either side in this game, but there will be a few things to figure out because this is still the first game and it is a Big Ten opponent.

I am expecting the Ohio State offense to be outstanding and to come out stronger than ever. With all of the changes that happened this offseason, the Buckeyes know they need to turn heads on offense. Unfortunately for Indiana, I am expecting a high-scoring game for OSU.
Ohio State 42, Indiana 17

Tom Orr
While this Thursday seems like it could be the start of a historically great season for Ohio State, it may also be the beginning of the end for Indiana’s Golden Age of Football Almost-Relevance. The Tom Allen hire was pretty uninspiring, and then he infected his offense with Football Lupus by hiring Mike DeBord. You can run the DeBord offense and be successful-ish if you have a big talent advantage, but you can’t do it at Indiana.

When IU is 3-9 in 2019 and getting blown out by Purdue, they’ll look back at this as the turning point. The Hoosier defense should be solid again this year, which means they have a chance to maybe hold Ohio State under 40. J.T. Barrett throws for two TDs, Mike Weber and J.K. Dobbins both run for one (or Dobbins runs for two if Weber’s hamstring is an issue), and Dwayne Haskins makes an insane throw in garbage time that gets Cardale Jones comparisons flying on Twitter.
Ohio State 38, Indiana 13

Kyle Morgan
Much has been discussed this offseason regarding the hiring of Kevin Wilson and the shot in the arm he is expected to provide the offense in 2017. I am hesitant, however, to think the impact will be swift and immediate. With that said, I see the Buckeyes going through some growing pains early in this contest, especially considering the familiarity between both programs. Remember, last year started out with a pick six by J.T. Barrett versus Bowling Green before putting up 77 points on the Falcons.

The Buckeyes will test out the new passing attack with mixed success, but ultimately turn to the running game to pull away. I expect Demario McCall to be the Player of the Game, making key contributions on offense as well as in the return game. The defense will answer the call, limiting Lagow and the Hoosiers passing attack, while stifling the running game. I expect an emotional game with big plays from Dante Booker in his return to action. The Hoosiers will make it a game through the half (17-10) before the Buckeyes pull away with an explosive third quarter. However, a number of Buckeyes will see playing time during meaningful snaps.
Ohio State 37, Indiana 13

John Porentas
A lot is being made of the hype around this game. It should be, because pregame hype can affect how players play. The way I see it, that’s advantage Buckeyes. Unlike last season, OSU has a bunch of upperclassmen who have seen it all and can handle the hype. For Indiana, however, it’s all new territory. There’s going to be a lot of pressure on the Hoosiers that they haven’t had to deal with before. By the time they figure out what’s what, a talented Buckeye team will put the game out of reach.

OSU 42, Indiana 13

6 Responses

  1. THE prediction no one else has courage to say out loud:
    54-13, Buckeyes, of course.
    You can hold your applause until after the game.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Spot on, not sure how IN scores that many pts. unless OSU turns the ball over many times and IN’s special teams score a bunch. If Lagrow wants to throw the ball deep, he should expect to sit in a lot of ice tonight. Agree with Allen’s hire, IN ran the ball against OSU due to Wilson’s O that scared opponents with a quick hit passing game and talented RB’s, IN doesn’t have that. Agree that OSU will wear IN down and it could get ugly when IN’s D gets tired, and IN goes through a bunch of 3 and outs.

  3. 56 – 10 Buckeyes. It’s only that close because the Buckeyes are still trying figure out a passing offense.

  4. I’m surprised none of the staff has mentioned that when you got to read/hear the scouting report on Indiana they didn’t have a running back they can trust. One of the reasons besides Kevin Wilson that IU gave the Buckeyes problems in recent years has been the presence of a bell cow back to keep the Silver Bullets honest. Yet another problem for the Hoosiers is one reason their defense has looked much better recently is that their offense has kept them in games even against good opponents. That won’t happen this year and they’ll get hung out to dry early and often. I still think Tegray Scales and Rashard Fant are great players, but there just isn’t the talent around them to keep this close.
    Add in the Buckeyes have had so much time to prepare and feeling to a man that they have to atone for the debacle at the beginning of the year and I’m seeing the recipe for a bloodbath.

    Buckeyes 70
    Hoosiers 7

    1. The Reason Indiana gave Ohio St trouble in recent years is because Luke Fickell was the d-coord, and could never make proper adjustments to what the opponent was doing. Thankfully the last Tressel holdover is gonzo!

  5. Ohio State 38, Indiana 17. As I wrote the other day in “Opponent Watch”, I think Indiana is going to try and test Ohio State’s inexperienced but talented cornerbacks early. Ohio State’s superior depth and speed will be too much for the Hoosiers to keep pace in the second half.

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