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Kerry Coombs Buckeyes

Clair Crawford (@buckeyeclair) is busy talking Buckeyes, as she stopped by both Bill King’s radio show and Mark Rogers’ YouTube show.

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  1. So take away a player’s best year and he’s pedestrian? That’s true for most every player.

    1. Since 2014 JT Barrett is pedestrian as a passer. Yes. Once teams learned that he can’t beat them with his arm they simply, and it really is this simple, they lined up against the run and put just a little bit more pressure on him. Good defensive coordinators, like Bud Foster had little to go on with his strengths or weaknesses for 30 minutes. Once he had a decent idea he ramped up to stall the Buckeyes on the ground and Barrett fell to pieces.

      I want JT to be successful, but the hype surrounding him even before the Spring game proved to be nothing more than hype. He looked just as lousy passing in that scrimmage as he did against Clemson.

      You don’t expect players to get worse the more years they play. You expect them to get better.

  2. Breaking records as a quarterback at Ohio State isn’t really the issue. More games played you’d expect better numbers. Cross off 2014 and Barrett has been at best a pedestrian quarterback since he went down against TTUN. Against the big boys the record book isn’t so great. It’s cool and all trying to paint a picture that JT didn’t have receivers getting separation but not everyone just listens. Some people actually watch. There were receivers open in every game the Buckeyes played and JT simply failed to find them and when he did he missed them BADLY. Sure offensive line was a nightmare problem all of last year but that still doesn’t account for missing wide open targets either overthrown by several yards or launched 5 yards in front of that receiver into the turf. In 2014 he didn’t have that hesitant hitch that he showed in all of 2016. Not just in 2016 but in the spring game as well. Nobody will ever doubt his leadership qualities, or his legs. He’s the best option quarterback in America without exception. He’s got 2017 to get A LOT better with his passing arm and I don’t care squat about putting up records against punching bags. He’s got to be just as consistent against really good competition, and to date his arm becomes non existent against those opponents.

    Sorry, I’ll buy what you’re selling on JT when he delivers with his arm when it matters.

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