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The Sons of Schmidt – Episode 6: 2017 B1G Preview

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The second annual Sons of Schmidt B1G Preview is now live! When you want to know where and how everyone in the Big Ten will finish the season, this is your go-to source! This is episode six of the second season of The Sons of Schmidt Podcast. And as you have grown to know and love, we have yet another home run sponsor for this week’s show!

To start the show, as they have done each week during fall camp, the guys take a look at the latest news straight from the mouths of players and coaches. This week, there is more clarity from Kerry Coombs on the cornerback rotation, and you’ll hear from Damon Arnette on the Buckeyes’ plans for the corners when in the nickel formation. There is an update and surprise pick on who is the leader in the clubhouse to start at right guard, which is one of the most hotly contested position battles this fall. And segment one wraps with discussion on the new and improved mindset of QB1, J.T. Barrett.

For segment two, the SoS guys go around the Big Ten East to pick final records and finishes for the seven teams in what, according to Mike, may be the single best division in all of college football in 2017.

You will get the exact same thing for segment three, only this time, it is the Big Ten West. And like in segment two, the Sons highlight a couple games to watch which will determine the division.

Segment four will get you the Sons’ preseason picks for the end of the season awards. Is this the year the Big Ten Coach of the Year finally is given to a Buckeye coach? Who wins the coveted Silver Football? And how does the Big Ten get represented during bowl season?

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The Breakdown

0:49 – The Opening

3:27 – 1st Quarter – Buckeyes camp news & notes

28:28 – 2nd Quarter – The Big Ten East

41:32 – 3rd Quarter – The Big Ten West

49:23 – 4th Quarter – Your preseason Big Ten Postseason wrap up

57:22– The Final Gun