Buckeye Breakdown: How Option Routes Can Help The Offense

Marcus Baugh Ohio State Oklahoma

Before I personally turn the page and begin watching film on Army and UNLV (yay!) I wanted to watch the receivers more closely to try and understand the crux of the offensive problems from all angles.

While I am undeniably a J.T. Barrett apologist, I will admit he has his own trust issues to work through, including trusting himself and what he anticipates may happen post snap. We already know he holds the ball until he sees the best option available, but why not use this to his advantage?

When a receiver runs a route, traditionally, he runs the route to create leverage, whether it be through the angle of the route stem or the feet, hips and /or head moves of the receiver at the break. Whatever the case, Buckeye receivers have struggled to gain separation short of rub routes across the middle or defensive breakdowns.

If the quarterback and receivers can be on the same page and read the technique of the defender, this will open up the field and provide easier throws in the long run.

Now, at times this approach can lead to turnovers due to miscommunication, but with a quarterback who holds the ball and can buy time, like J.T. Barrett, he will wait until it is absolutely confirmed that he and his intended target are on the same page.

The following clip illustrates the advantages of option routes, and how obviously they can present themselves at times.

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  1. The Buckeyes have a grade school OR a rushing HS route tree that is rush first, rush second, pass as a last resort. PERIOD. It’s not a question of the talent of the receivers. It’s the lack of teaching from a HS at best level position coach. Adaptations can’t happen if the teacher isn’t qualified to teach. Combined with a quarterback who can’t “pass” the football. HOUSTON we have a guaranteed problem even trying to run a stripped down basic pass offense. Forget trying to add anything. That’s just a further disaster waiting to happen.

  2. If we aren’t already doing this, is it because the coaches don’t coach it or is it the players limited ability to execute it?

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