J.T. Barrett Breezes His Way Past Army and Into Another Big Ten Record

J.T. Barrett vs Army Ohio State

What a difference a week makes. After struggling to get a consistent attack going in the Buckeyes’ 31-16 loss to Oklahoma and then enduring seven days of withering criticism from Ohio State fans, J.T. Barrett rebounded Saturday against Army with a record-breaking performance.

With a fourth-quarter touchdown pass to Austin Mack, Barrett set the Big Ten’s career record for touchdowns responsible for with the 107th of his career. That mark was previously held by Purdue’s Drew Brees.

Barrett finished the game 25-for-33 passing for 270 yards and two touchdowns, and added 32 yards and another score on the ground. After earning the record by distributing passes to teammates, he spent the postgame interview trying to distribute the credit as well.

“It’s a tremendous honor. I didn’t picture it when I committed to Ohio State,” said Barrett.

“I think, just credit to all the people involved. I think about the time with coach (Tom) Herman back in the day. All the guys who helped me. Devin Smith, tight ends Jeff Heuerman, Nick (Vannett), Jalin Marshall, Dontre Wilson, everybody that was a part of my time here.”

After the game, OSU head coach Urban Meyer said that mark puts Barrett’s career in an impressive light.

“I’ve known about the Big Ten Conference for probably 40-some years, and of all the great players that have played here, to say you’re the number one touchdown maker in the history of the Big Ten Conference, that’s awesome,” said Meyer. “That’s something that — that’s going to be a hard one to break. He’s got a lot of games left.”

Barrett’s teammates were clearly thrilled to see him break the record as well.

“We celebrated with him in the locker room,” said sophomore WR K.J. Hill. “That’s a big accomplishment. You don’t see that every day. I hope we cherish that.”

“He’s the best at what he does, in my opinion. He’s a winner,” said junior WR Terry McLaurin. “No one can measure his heart, his toughness, and that energy that he brings every day. It fuels our offense, it fuels our team. You can’t deny the numbers. People say this and that about him but the numbers are what they are. He’s a great leader and a great football player and I’m just glad we’ve got him on our side.”

Barrett knows that while his teammates are squarely in his corner, many Buckeye fans are not.

“People have a right to their opinion,” Barrett said. “But they don’t really know all the inner workings that are involved in every single gameplan, every single game, even going down to every single play.”

“I understand that it’s going to be a process, it’s going to be a long journey to get back to where we want to be,” Barrett said.

After the win, Meyer once again sounded like there was little doubt that Barrett would remain the starting quarterback for the rest of that journey.

“The heart of a lion,” Meyer said of Barrett. “And toughness, one of the toughest players I’ve ever been around. That’s pretty good characteristics to have with a guy touching the ball every snap.”

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  1. Congratulations, J.T. Barrett – the B1G’s all-time touchdown leader. By seasons’ end he’ll pass Brees for passing touchdowns as well (Brees has 90, Barrett has 72 as of this writing with only Chad Henne (87) and Brees ahead of him.
    Those that are gonna nay-say are gonna nay-say. I’ll reserve my opinion on Barrett’s career for when it’s over. For now I’m appreciating the points and wins – I remember what the John Cooper years were like.

  2. 4 passes in mop up duty against Army doth not a starter make. I am not ready to throw this season away after one loss.

  3. JT is still a wildly inconsistent passer. Not one scout that has ever commented on him thinks he can make it in the pros as a QB. Haskins would get this offense heading in the right direction. Urban still has to get over his bromance with JT before this team will ever have a chance to play for the NC.

  4. Sick and tired of all the JT naysayers—if he was beaten out in practices consistently another qb would be in the game….but hey, I guess all you non-football coaches know more than Meyer and the rest of the OSU staff….i’m not saying JT is the best passer , but he IS the qb that should be leading the team. Better playcalling makes a big difference and the coaches CAN be faulted fro staying away from the run in recent losses, so maybe all you armchair coaches can learn to zip it and support all the OSU players.

    1. Todd, I’m sick and tired of sheep that blindly follow no matter how idiotic it is. Coaches thought Zwick was better than Troy Smith and Bellisari was better than Krenzel too. Did you agree with the coaches then too? God gave you a brain. Use it!

  5. Since the upcoming game(s) are automatic W’s, I would LOVE to see the Buckeyes start the next game with the offensive lineup that was in for the final 6 minutes of the Army game. Give them a quarter and lets see what they can do. We just might become a better team!

  6. Shame on those of us who criticize relentlessly. Ohio State football players need our loyalty. Go JT and go Bucks!

  7. Come on Tom, anyone can see the difference between Haskins passes and JT’s throws. They need to work Burrows or Haskins into the game plan the restvof the year if for nothing else to get them experience for next year. IMO a 5th QB is only stealing reps for our future and wasting a years eligibility of our talented QB’s forcing at least one to transfer next year. I cringed when Barret announced he was coming back, like he was doing us a favor.

    1. You’re right Ed. Although 4 pass attempts is not much to go off of. There is a clear difference in Haskins passes. I cringed too when Barrett decided to come back. Yes Barrett has a leadership advantage, but it’s obvious this is not a championship team on both sides of the ball. What better time to prepare our future qb’s than now!

      It’s more clear than ever how misleading stats can be. I’m not putting all the blame on Barrett. The O-line, receivers and coaches are very vanilla too, but it’s plain foolishness to ignore everything your eyes see.

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