Two-Minute Drill: Post-Practice Updates from Urban Meyer and Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson and Urban Meyer

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer and offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson spoke with the media following practice on Wednesday. They provided updates on the Buckeyes and also looked ahead to Saturday’s opponent.

Urban Meyer Updates

+ It’s early, so eventually a No. 1 receiver will develop this season. These are new starters still finding their way. He felt good about the receivers played well in week one and are playing their tails off, they just need to make more plays.

+ Meyer talks to the team about the 2014 team as a template for bouncing back, but it’s not rammed home. They brought it up that the template worked well, but the players and coaches had to make it happen.

+ This has been one of the most unique there-game stretches in Meyer’s career. To go from conference game, to top 5 opponent, to an option attack.

+ Meyer said the media sure remembers a lot of losses. And then laughed a bit.

+ When things aren’t going well you have to go back to fundamentals, but they also have to remain balanced. They’ll do what they have to do to win the game, but they can’t be one dimensional.

+ Joe Burrow is coming along pretty good. He could probably play if needed. Dwayne Haskins is close to game ready. They want to get him in a game because he hasn’t been there yet.

+ It is hard to evaluate quarterback recruits because you don’t always get to see much of them before you have to offer or they are looking to commit. “It’s risky as hell” to wait and evaluate quarterbacks as a senior.

+ Demario McCall is not yet 100%, but he’s close. Michael Hill is still suspended.

+ Austin Mack passed all of his concussion tests.

+ The offense as a whole has not met the standard. The offensive line has played well. Mike Weber will be more available this week than last week. He has seen it in practice.

+ The playcalling process went well in game one. Last week it did not go well, so “obviously it is a work in progress.” Wilson is the primary playcaller and it has to be better.

Kevin Wilson Updates

+ It’s not a challenge to call plays in Urban Meyer’s system. You always evolve to what your players can and can’t do. “To me it’s the ability to adapt and adjust.” The process of fitting in has gone okay, but he needs to get better at anticipating and building momentum and getting some efficiency. What are you trying to be, where are you hanging your hat? These are things he is being asked and asking himself..

+ J.T. Barrett has always been a great practice player. “It’s my responsibility to put it together…” and to give Barrett a chance to have success. Barrett will look good when the offensive coordinator gets it going. Barrett’s not a one-man guy. It takes the team.

+ Army has a 3-man front on defense, much like Oklahoma did last week. Their defense only played 40 snaps last week because the offense shortens the game. If you don’t have success on offense, you can only have one possession per quarter.

+ Billy Price and J.T. Barrett are consistently the best practice players. Barrett does all of the little things that coaches want their players to do. His attention to detail is great.

+ Wilson has seen Dwayne Haskins continue to practice at a high level. He doesn’t think the fans tweeting at him that they want him to start has affected him at all. He’s still working hard and being led by the leaders on the team. “He’s had a great week of practice.”

+ Criticism comes with the territory. When you sign with Ohio State, it’s big-boy football and you have to expect it.

+ “We’ve just got to get out offensive rhythm back and that starts with me.”

+ It’s not about doing what he did at Indiana, it’s about doing what you can with what you have to score as many points as you can.

+ The tight ends are continuing to come along, but they weren’t able to play as many guys last week because they went with a lot of no tight end sets. That will change this week.

+ Wilson would like to see 1-2 more receivers in the rotation. Every skill position needs to be 2.5 deep at least. He wants to see more receivers playing. You need guys that you can count on that can execute. Wilson needs to do a better job of putting the team in a situation to succeed.

+ Wilson needs to do a better job of anticipating what a defense is going to do in the red zone as well. “I was awful Saturday.”

+ Receivers weren’t open on Saturday, and not because they can’t run routes, but for a number of reasons, including Wilson getting the offense in a rhythm. “I haven’t given those guys a chance.”

+ It’s been a good week of practice and things are moving in the right direction.

+ When the offense gets clicking, the receivers will be open.

+ Playing both tailbacks at the same time can be dangerous if they both get tired at the same time and you’re down to your third running back. You’d like to ride the hot guy.

+ They are pushing the freshman receivers hard. Trevon Grimes needs to get stronger and more consistent and more confident. The freshmen “are kinda inconsistent right now.”

+ They need to throw deep more. They have to pound the run, get horizontal with the passing game, and then throw deep more. “We’ve got to use our players and attack our 53 and a third.”

10 Responses

  1. If “JT is only as good as the rest of the offense,” not sure why Tate Martell can’t be that good as well.

  2. “J.T. Barrett has always been a great practice player.”

    We’d all feel better if he were a great game player.

    I’m disappointed by this press conference shiftiness by supposed ‘straight up’ coaches. This is like getting through a White House press conference, ffs.

  3. So, OSU hired Kevin Wilson to be the highest paid OC in the country to run Meyers System???. We were led to believe Wilson was hired to run the system he ran at OU and Indiana that gave our defense fits? We were also told Meyer brought Wilson to “FIX”” the passing game after the Clemson debacle. Now the truth comes out that Wilson is here as a figurehead to add in a wrinkle or two but not given the reigns to run the offense. Just brilliant! Run JT Barrett to death for minimal yards and watch his poor throws miss receivers and lose big games.

  4. I’m not liking what I’m hearing here at all. Lots of excuses and blame-shifting so that eventually no one is really responsible. The remarks on the receivers are ludicrous. This O needs to go back to the read-option with wider spreads. Period. Somewhere along the line this O has changed, and not for the better. Fix it!

  5. Several folks beat me to it, because they smell the same rat I do. Meyer’s comments are nothing but carefully chosen deflections of problems he has either created or failed to solve. The comment about the media remembering a lot of losses is utter nonsense. First, he can’t ask for a more fawning media base. Second, he is also referring to fans but lacks courage to say so. No reasonable fan expects wins every game! We DO expect obvious problems to be fixed and for the guy with the SEVEN digit salary to act like he deserves it. These comments are indicative of a person who can’t be told he’s wrong. Ego problem, anyone??

  6. I see a pattern that has replayed a couple times. Headcoach shifts blame and responsibility. Position coaches (includes coordinator) shoulders the blame on his behalf or is gone.

  7. It’s “early” so a go to receiver will emerge? Are you freaking kidding me? What a stupid thing for a coach with several 4 star receivers on his roster to say. Hell, even TTUN has a freshman playing in games and making plays at that position. But the Buckeyes with several upper classmen can’t find one among them who has developed into a “go to” receiver? Give me a freaking break.

    Note to Meyer. Quit babysitting and coddling a limp arm quarterback who has lost the will to even win with his legs. YOU said of the receivers on this roster coming in that they were a “clown show.” Those same receivers produced before you got here and produced when you DID get here. The guys you have brought in as receivers are probably good receivers, but as it appears…………..THEY are the clown show by any comparison to guys like Smith and Marshall and Spencer.

    The greatest issue is you babysitting JT Barrett. Forcing reps to his arm so that you can put your name next to the Big 10’s all time TD passer. The fact is that 95% of those TD passes are dink and dunk lobs, not passes.

    While you’re at it. Hire a damned widereceiver coach. The one you have stinks.

  8. Um….no! These are NOT young receivers finding their way. Many of these WRs have been on board since 2015. None of they can seem to find their way, and that’s a problem!

  9. “Call plays in Urban’s system.” Right now that appears to be a problem. When Wilson came, I expected slants, screens, bubbles and other exciting wrinkles that IN torched other teams yet. What we have seen has been the same old do nothing O. If OSU wants to learn about ‘attack,’ perhaps they should watch the OU attack, it seemed very effective and efficient.

  10. Wilson is very gracious to accept the blame for offensive woes. I’m not buying it as the offense looks and feels the same as the two prior seasons with Warinner. KW may be calling the plays, but they are the plays Urban wants. This is not yet a Kevin Wilson offense. Too predictable like past two years. Defenses have adjusted. UM has hired a great coach in KW who has the track record for adapting scheme to talent. He should let him do his job. That’s what fans were hoping for. Is it possible staff is too afraid to tell the emperor that he’s in is underwear? Urban made great offensive innovations in the past but they are stale now. Offense needs to evolve. KW can do that.

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