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Sons of Schmidt — Episode 10: Flavortown!

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This weekend, the Ohio State Buckeyes play host to the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. The Sin City school whose biggest contribution to America is being Guy Fieri’s alma mater.

This week also marks the return of one of the best podcasters in OSU media history, as we are proud to announce that Michael Citro has joined The Sons of Schmidt for a show that kicks off what will be a regular appearance. We are ecstatic to have Michael on this week and to get him back on the airwaves for the fans. We don’t have a set schedule of the length or time of the appearances Michael will make moving forward, but you can expect to hear him more times than not for the rest of the 2017 season.

The SoS show starts this week taking a high-level look at last weekend’s game against Army West Point. As mentioned last week, there were clearly issues that need to be addressed on both sides of the ball. How did Urban Meyer and company do in addressing them?

In segment two, the three Sons look at the Silver Bullets, and how they performed against Army. They also take a look at how the defense stacks up against UNLV.

During the third quarter, the guys address the offense. What improvements were made from OU to Army? What should we expect to see more of moving forward? Who will be the featured offensive weapons this week and the rest of the season?

FOUR!!!! In the 4th segment, the SoS crew makes their predictions again for who will be the players of the game for both sides of the ball, and give an uneducated game prediction.

As we have a new member of the team joining us this week, we went into overtime too. Not only did we get you a little extra Buckeye football talk this week, but we introduce our “Son of a Schmidt!” segment for the overtime period. What one thing is bugging each guy about college football right now? You can hear it here.

Lastly, thanks again to Michael Citro for coming on this week. You can follow him on twitter at @Mike36fan.

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The Breakdown

0:50 – The Opening

5:08 – 1st Quarter – Army Overview & UNLV Preview

17:00 – 2nd Quarter – Silver Bullets Report

33:08 – 3rd Quarter – The J.T. & J.K. Show

50:04 – 4th Quarter – UNLV Prediction time!

57:10 – Overtime – Son of a SCHMIDT!