Two-Minute Drill: Postgame Updates from OSU’s 54-21 Win Over UNLV

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer and a number of Buckeyes spoke with the media following OSU’s 54-21 win over the UNLV Rebels. Here are the highlights.

Urban Meyer Updates

+ Meyer started by thanking the fans for showing up on such a hot day and an early kick. “Man, it’s awesome.” He and the team talked about the crowd in the locker room after the game.

+ “It was good to get Joe (Burrow) in the game.” He’s still not 100% and had to come out at the end rather than take a snap from under center for the kneel down.

+ Dwayne Haskins’ pick six was inexcusable, but he got a lot of good experience. “He’s got work to do, but you can see the talent.”

+ Meyer won’t be taking a fan poll on who should start at quarterback.

+ Like everyone else, Meyer said he wants to see Ohio State’s passing game do this against a team that matches the Buckeyes in talent.

+ “You’re seeing some growth right now” among the receivers.

+ The first-team defense was no nonsense today. He was pleased with them.

+ On C.J. Saunders, who had six receptions for 102 yards: “He’s actually a good player. Just not very big.” Saunders needs to be more than a hood ornament, which means he needs to be able to block and he’s not big enough for that.

+ Rashod Berry is a very talented guy, he just needs to put it all together. He is still inconsistent, as evidenced by the amazing touchdown and then the fumble at the goal line. He is good enough to be part of the rotation, however.

+ UNLV attempted to take away the outside bubbles, which led to more things available over the middle of the field.

+ Meyer was very concerned with the pass defense. “Terrible.”

+ The good takeaways from today were a fast start and a lot of young players played.

Dwayne Haskins Updates

+ “For one, it was really hot outside.”

+ It was fun playing with the twos because those are the guys he practices with.

+ It was pretty special to throw his first touchdown pass. He didn’t realize it was his first touchdown pass until well after the play.

+ “If there’s a window, I feel like I can throw it in there.”

+ On fan talk, he doesn’t pay attention to it. “J.T.’s the guy.” He has the mindset that he needs to be ready whenever his number is called.

+ On C.J. Saunders: “He’s just a baller.”

+ On the pick six, he made the improper adjustment pre-snap and threw a bad ball too far inside. “It won’t happen again.”

+ Haskins’ family keeps him grounded despite any outside noise. He works every day with his head down.

+ He doesn’t think it’s difficult for Urban Meyer to stick with J.T. Barrett, he just wants to give his coach confidence if he ever needs to call on him.

J.T. Barrett Updates

+ The ones did a good job of executing and playing fast. They didn’t come out lethargic and they played with tempo, which is a weapon that they can use.

+ They had nice complements for the bubble screens and some nice play-actions off of runs, so they’re doing a better job of building off of certain plays with different looks.

+ Being a great offense doesn’t happen in just one day. It builds over the season.

+ On his fourth-down touchdown passes, Barrett has confidence in making the throws. They have always played aggressively down there even when Braxton Miller was the quarterback.

+ Guys were working off of each other. Receivers were working for each other, blocking on catches. Everybody was happy to see C.J. Saunders have a great day.

+ Barrett running the ball less is mostly a flow-of-the-game thing. He hasn’t been asked to run the ball much because they haven’t needed him to do it.

+ C.J. Saunders works every day just to get a little better. He is always asking catches. It doesn’t matter that he is a walk-on. He wants to be great and he has the desire to make that happen.

Jashon Cornell Updates

+ Cornell was excited to see defensive tackle Dylan Thompson get his first extended action of his Buckeye career.

C.J. Saunders Updates

+ Saunders had a couple of Division III offers, but no Division I offers.

+ On his readiness to play a major role: “I was going to every game, just hoping to get that opportunity. The coaches always talk about competitive excellence and being ready when your number’s called.”

+ On how to improve for future games: “I’m just trying to keep working and get better every single week. I do whatever the coach says and whatever the weight staff says.”

Malik Harrison Updates

+ On how the team prepared for UNLV: “No matter who the opponent is, we come out the same way. Coach Meyer never coaches differently based on the team.”

+ On his role with the team: “This week I played the nickel. It’s a package that seems to work. Chris Worley is out there and I’m number two. I feel comfortable there.”

Nick Bosa Updates

+ On his ability: “I’m always focusing on what I have to do to improve in my position. I’m in the fi lm room every day focusing on how I can improve. I’m close, but I still have a lot to work on. ”

Parris Campbell Updates

+ On improvements on the offense this week: “It’s huge to be able to see our guys go out and make plays. It’s huge for J.T. (Barrett) to have confidence in us, to know that we can constantly make those plays. We just have to continue to keep pushing.”

UNLV Head Coach Tony Sanchez Updates

+ On how does this team compare to a team like San Jose State: “We won’t play a faster team (OSU), especially in all three phases. This is the fastest team you’ll see. No team we play is going to run on all three phases the way these guys run. And nobody is going to have the depth these guys have.”

+ On if it’s easier or difficult to get player’s minds into the game with an environment like this: “I think it’s all about approach, it’s all about messaging, and I think we’ve done a good job at that. I don’t think the environment had anything to do with the outcome today. Our guys did a pretty good job of being focused. Coming out, I don’t think the noise really affected them on the field.”

UNLV linebacker and defensive back Javin White Updates

+ Reaction on today’s loss: “At the end of the day, it’s a loss for the team. It’s all about the team. Regardless of what I do, what Armani does, if it doesn’t help us win, it doesn’t matter. We need to win. Winning is our main objective. Everybody goes into a game talking about winning, so regardless of how the stat sheet looks, what matters is the game defining as a win or loss”

UNLV Quarterback Armani Rogers

+ On the atmosphere in Ohio Stadium: “It was loud, but I expected it to be louder. Once you get going in the game, the sound kind of dies out because you’re just so in tune to the game. You don’t really pay attention to the noise. After that, you just go out there, have fun and keep the chains rolling.”

+ On the challenge with the size of Ohio State’s defensive line: “I’m a big guy, and they were some big guys too out there. With them being as tall as me, I had to make a couple jump passes to get the ball over the defenders’ heads. I had to just go out there and make certain types of passes that I wasn’t quite used to.

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