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Accost the Field — Episode 9: We Want Bama

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I think it’s been three weeks since the last episode of Accost the Field, and for that I apologize to everyone of you. It was never my intention to go so long without a show, it was only my intention to make you miss it. I realize now that I have failed on both accounts.

In this episode we just talk a whole lot about the Penn State game. Probably too much. We’ll probably do the same for next week’s show as well.

The Rundown

+ We get right into it and start talking about the Penn State game.

+ More importantly, we then move to the alternate uniforms and whether they suck or don’t suck and if people just need to stay off off our respective lawns.

+ The Ohio State offense is better now because Kevin Wilson knows what every single player can and can’t do, and he has a better understanding of how to put them in positions to succeed.

+ Is revenge a motivator in football?

+ Baker vs. Barkley

+ Other matchups.

+ Is it fair to J.T. Barrett to call this the biggest game of his career.

+ Is J.T. Barrett tired of talking about this game?

+ Is Penn State really this good?

+ Which Buckeyes are “on the spot” this week?

+ Don’t be surprised if…

+ #TateTalk

+ Press box food chat.

+ Listener questions.

+ Jim Harbaugh talk.

+ Other shenanigans.

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