Two-Minute Drill: Postgame Updates From Ohio State’s 62-14 Win Over Maryland

Tuf Borland Ohio State Football

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer spoke with the media following the Buckeyes’ 62-14 win over Maryland on Saturday. Players followed, including J.T. Barrett, Jerome Baker, Parris Campbell, Billy Price, Tyquan Lewis, and many, many more. Here are the highlights from much of what was said.

Urban Meyer Updates

+ Redshirt sophomore right guard Branden Bowen broke his leg. It’s a clean break. Surgery should be Sunday. Meyer asked for prayers for Bowen.

+ Matt Burrell played well in place of Bowen and Meyer hopes to see some competition this week at that spot now that there is an opening.

+ The defense was outstanding, but it’s too early to say they are championship caliber.

+ The defensive line dominated. Great depth there and they’ll get Dre’Mont Jones back next week it would seem.

+ The wide receivers are making a steady incline each week. “Very pleased with them.”

+ The special teams were a litany of errors. Meyer is befuddled that Ohio State continues to be the only team in the nation that can’t kick the ball down the field. They will have to re-evaluate their strategy on kickoffs.

+ Damon Arnette’s targeting hit was “not very bright.” He did not see Denzel Ward’s hit. Jeff Okudah played well in replacement and is now in the rotation.

J.T. Barrett Updates

+ Asked what stood out, he said the defense did a great job against Maryland’s offense. The second-team offense has to maintain drives and the first-team has to do a better job of keeping momentum.

+ It was a very good week of practice for everyone this week.

+ This was a good football team coming in here and the Buckeyes were ready to play. The coaches addressed it with them yesterday. Don’t get caught sleeping.

+ He’s got trust in Binjimen Victor and has no problem putting it on the “top shelf” to him down in the red zone.

+ The offense will continue improving each and every day. Can’t be timid. Be confident and let it rip. Let the playmakers make play. “It’s coming.”

+ Barrett is confident in what the offense is asked to do and everyone is seeing the same thing before and after the play. They have good conversations on the sidelines.

Mike Weber Updates

+ This was a game to build upon for the rest of the season. They know the Oklahoma game is going to be remembered.

+ They left some rushing yards on the field. They can get better, especially with him and J.K. Dobbins combining in the future.

+ Weber is still trying to get back to himself.

+ He felt good. His confidence is growing.

+ This is Ohio State. Everybody is good. Even the threes.

+ Adding the tight end into the pistol formation was almost like having a fullback, which is something that the tailbacks have been asking for.

Jerome Baker Updates

+ This is not yet a championship defense. There is so much yet to grow on.

+ The linebackers are locked in right now. In the past, they were so worried about making mistakes.

+ Baker talked to Schiano after the Oklahoma game and they agreed the defense just needed to settle down,

+ Baker didn’t think Denzel Ward’s hit was targeting.

+ Jeff Okudah is a good player and he has confidence in him. Gotta put it in their head that it’s their time to go and perform.

+ The level of play of the defense from today and the Oklahoma game, “It’s like night and day. We’re playing a lot better now.”

Tracy Sprinkle Updates

+ The defense is clicking right now. They are practicing very well right now.

+ Feels good to dominate a pretty good offense like that because they work hard throughout the week to get that done.

+ “I think we’re ready…” for the schedule to get more difficult.

+ Sprinkle credited Larry Johnson for the defensive line domination. He challenges them every day to be great.

Parris Campbell Updates

+ Always a great thing when the offense gets off to a fast start.

+ A lot of receivers are making plays when they get their opportunities.

+ The offense isn’t where they need to be yet, “but I definitely like where we’re at.”

+ Still leaving too many points and yards on the field.

+ J.T. Barrett continues to prove that he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the nation.

+ The offense may have looked a little bit ugly at the start of the season, but things are never as bad as it seems.

+ Shoutout to J.T. Barrett for springing him with a block on the end around.

+ Campbell is nowhere near where he will be when he’s done.

Marcus Baugh Updates

+ On the offense hitting its stride: “We’re rolling right now. We know what we are doing and how we have to play, and now we just have to continue to go out there and execute.”

+ On how he’s progressed throughout the season: “Coach Wilson and I talked about how I just have to play hard, and Coach Meyer told me the same thing. So that’s what I have been focusing on doing the last two weeks, just playing hard. I am not worried about being right or wrong, but just trusting the people around me and playing hard.”

Tyquan Lewis Updates

+ On the team’s defensive performance today: “We came out and did what we are supposed to do. We stopped the run, and we didn’t give them many opportunities. We just came out and played good fundamental defense.”

Austin Mack Updates

On the offense’s performance: “It all started with us having a really good week of practice, because that is what translates to the game. Now that we are further into the season, the small things are starting to click, and it’s the things that we have been working on from the beginning making their way to the game field.”

Billy Price Updates

+ On the growth of the team: “I think it is huge. Seeing those young receivers like C.J. Saunders and Binjimen Victor get touchdowns. It’s great to see guys like that get a lot of confidence, which leads to the whole offense gaining confidence.”

Maryland Head Coach D.J. Durkin Updates

+On failure to capitalize on early opportunities: “We had some opportunities early in the game where we needed to make a play and respond, and we didn’t. We didn’t play well as a team. When the offense needed to pick up the defense, they didn’t. When the defense needed to pick up the offense, they didn’t. We were out of sync. Credit to Ohio State. They’re a good football team, and they’re well-coached.”

+On the second half: “There wasn’t a drop-off in effort in the second half. Ohio State executed and played better. We couldn’t block them and move the ball up front, and we couldn’t get off the field on defense.”

Maryland Safety Josh Woods Updates

+ On Ohio State’s performance: “You have to give them credit. They made the plays, and we missed the plays. We left a lot of plays out there on the field. We have to learn from the film and get better from it. That’s all there is to it. It’s already out there, and it already happened. Next week we have another contest, and we’ll be ready for it.”

Maryland Running Back Ty Johnson

+ On injury to quarterback Max Bortenschlager: “I wouldn’t say he’s down, but we’ll have to wait and see. He was just playing his heart out, trying to get extra yards, and things happen. It is what it is. I’ll be checking on him all of tomorrow, but we’ll wait and see.”

+ On performance by Ohio State defense: “Ohio State is a great team. Their defense came into the game, and did what they needed to do and it showed.”

2 Responses

  1. This is a hard team to watch. This version of the Buckeyes is sloppy and undisciplined, which is hard to believe for a team that has three coaches with head coaching experience. I can’t see them beating a good team until they clean up all the mental and physical mistakes. JT also needs to accept the FACT that he is not a good long passer. He leaves way too many TD’s on the field. I’d like to see more of Haskins early in the game and see him throw some deep balls. He’s a much better deep passer than Barrett and will probably be the starter next season, so let him get some reps against first team defenses.

  2. The targeting call on Denzel Ward was complete BS. He led with his shoulder and hit him in the chest. There was no helmet involved. The receiver was turned to make a football move and he got slobber knocked. WELCOME TO FOOTBALL. This targeting crap has gotten completely out of control.

    Damon Arnette plays fast and with angry aggression. His helmet went under the QB’s chinstrap and Damon probably could have pulled up. Perhaps it’s time to put quarterbacks in skirts if they don’t want to make football plays and run the risk of being hit.

    Had THIS group of refs been working the MSU vs garbage can game, at LEAST 6 starters from that puke and blue would have been booted from the game.

    If the defense continues at the level they played yesterday they are going to be a savage group. The linebackers finally showed up and IMO that was the missing piece for their growth. The secondary dominated the backend at the defensive line was a wrecking crew. All that’s left now is consistency from game to game and they will become the BIA at all 3 levels.

    The offense played really well at times and really poor at times. The offensive line have put together 2 outstanding weeks worth of performance in a row. If they have a weakness is switching from pass pro blocking to rush drive blocking with equal execution. But they look better across the board. Nothing to complain about that.

    Disappointed in seeing TMac miss a couple of balls he should have caught.

    Running backs looked primed to explode. That’s a 4 headed beast of a position group.

    JT executes short passing well, but he has got to get better down the field. Had he been on target with those throws his stats would have been legitimately dominant.

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