Reading the Buckeye Leaves: Maryland Week

When Maryland Has the Ball

Third-string quarterbacks are generally not the recipe for success, at least statistically speaking.

Maryland doesn’t have much say in the matter right now, however, as they have now turned to their third-string quarterback Max Bortenschlager.

Bortenschlager has played extensively in two games this season, so he does have some experience.

With a quarterback who lacks a big arm and struggles with accuracy, however, expect a lot of screens and “pop” passes, similar to what Oklahoma ran.

This will give the illusion of a passing threat while setting up the running game the Terrapins will need to lean on in order to win the game.

Here, we see the receiver break towards the corner instead of the middle of the field, creating a difficult throwing lane for an already uncomfortable quarterback.

Maryland uses their H-Back in a similar fashion to how the Buckeyes use tight end Marcus Baugh. The Terps use the vision of their running backs within the Inside Zone schemes to create running lanes.

Maryland will also bring their H-Back across the formation to block the backside defensive end, allowing a cutback lane for their shifty runners. A big week for Buckeye linebackers awaits!

Inside Zone/Split Zone

When Ohio State Has the Ball

Maryland ranks 94th nationally defending the pass, so I expect the Buckeyes to attack the perimeter again this week. Though the question that remains is what new wrinkles will be unveiled this week by the offense?

I would not expect much in the way of two-back sets this week, though I imagine they are being installed and practiced routinely for a game later this month.