The Saga of Terry McLaurin — Second Blood: Part 1

Terry McLaurin Ohio State Football Buckeyes

Terry McLaurin, a wide receiver just passing through their town…

Ohio State wide receiver Terry McLaurin led the Buckeyes with five receptions at Rutgers on Saturday.

He also led the team with 30 yards in penalties.

Initially trying to mind his own business, that became all but impossible after the second play of the game.

You can almost see it in the video below. McLaurin will start at the top of the screen and you can see linebacker Deonte Roberts (No. 6) size him up and launch into McLaurin just off screen.

Roberts caught McLaurin under the chin. You can see Roberts look back at McLaurin after the play. You can also see McLaurin putting that play away in his mental memory book.

Eventually, he would find the perfect opportunity to open that book back up, which led to the personal foul penalty in the third quarter, which is also in the video below.

They knew he was innocent…and they didn’t give a damn.

“It was the second play of the game,” McLaurin said. “Everybody didn’t see it, but I was running a route across the field and the ball was on the opposite side and he actually went helmet-to-helmet under my chin and I wasn’t even looking at him. So I was like, ‘Okay, that’s kind of how we’re playing it.’ But it’s part of football. You’re going to get hit and you’re going to give hits. It just kind of worked out that way, I got a hit back on him. It wasn’t necessarily I was looking for him the whole game, but I just got an opportunity to make a big hit and I took it.

Terry McLaurin, one man who’s been pushed too far.

“Coach Meyer kind of has a saying, ‘There’s no negotiating with a wild dog inside the lines of play,’” McLaurin said. “When you’re outside of playing football you’re a nice guy. I kind of approach it that way. I had a little bit of frustration just coming from that play, and I saw an opportunity to make a hit and I’m gonna make the hit every time. I like to play with that edge and aggression, but I’ve just got to be smart on the tail end.”

He was hunted. Targeted. And forced to fight back.

“He kind of got me at the beginning of the game,” McLaurin said. “I didn’t have revenge on my mind, but I saw the chance to make a good block and I took it. The flag after that, that was on me and I apologized to the team for that and Coach Meyer. That’s not acceptable, especially being an older guy, but they didn’t mind the hit. Everybody loved it. And the guy even came up to me and was like, ‘Yeah, we’re even.’ It’s just part of football. I’d make the hit again, but I’ve just got to be smarter after the play.”

Terry McLaurin, this time he’s fighting for his team.

“It’s kind of hard to see what’s targeting and what’s not,” he said. “I felt like it wasn’t, but at the end you never know. Especially being one of the leaders on the team, just to hurt your team like that, that’s what I was worried about. But in my opinion, when I was going, I tried to lead with my shoulder and hit him in the target zone, so it worked out.

“I’ve just got to be smarter after the play. I can’t cost our team like that. In a closer game, that could be detrimental to a nice drive that we have going on. Coach Meyer understands that’s not going to happen a lot with me. It’s not going to happen again, actually. We had a talk about it and we’re good for now.”

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  1. I bet I’ve watched that replay a hundred times. No doubt in my mind that if he doesn’t start jawing that ref never throws a flag.

    Terry is my new Buckeye hero! What turns out to be 30 yards well spent! But, TMac……… time DON’T stop and jaw at the guy you just crushed. You likely never see a flag.

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