Two-Minute Drill: Urban Meyer Monday Updates Oct 2

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Ohio State football head coach Urban Meyer spoke with the media on Monday to provide updates on the Buckeyes and to also preview Saturday’s upcoming matchup against the Maryland Terrapins. Here are the highlights.

+ “I don’t want to sound shallow, but our thoughts and prayers are with…” those people in Las Vegas.

+ Was great to see Johnathon Cooper get extended action this weekend. Great to see Dante Booker make plays as well.

+ Expected more out of the receivers against Rutgers. Expected the offensive line to play better as well.

+ Kicking game was outstanding. Getting back to the expectation level right now. Sean Nuernberger will continue to be used on kickoffs. All kinds of tackles inside the 20-yard line.

+ Pete Werner is one of the most improved players on the team the last couple of guys. “Buy stock in that team.”

+ Maryland looked much improved against Minnesota with a third-string quarterback.

+ Meyer sees improvement in the passing game, but they’re not walking around with blinders on. They are optimistic, but realistic. “Anybody can see we’ve improved…but can we continue against good competition?”

+ “I feel very good” about the influx of playmakers. They want to get J.K. Dobbins more touches, but the score was out of hand quickly, so they pulled him. The normal development of playmakers is taking place.

+ Dre’Mont Jones is out this week. Should be back for Nebraska. Chris Worley is probable. Antonio Williams is questionable. Erick Smith likely won’t play this coming week.

+ The players are off today, so he hasn’t talked to Las Vegas natives Tate Martell and Haskell Garrett about last night’s shooting in Las Vegas.

+ Maryland getting a win with their third quarterback says a lot about the Terps. D.J. Durkin was a grad assistant under Meyer and Meyer wanted to hire him full time when he was 21 years old. He’s one of the best assistants he’s ever had.

+ Meyer is starting to see what he wants from the OSU pass defense. Will see more of that this week against a controlled passing attack like Maryland’s. Jordan Fuller is playing at a very high level right now.

+ At some point, coaching becomes cheerleading — like in a noon game against a lesser team. Against Rutgers, however, they had good film from their game against Washington to open the season. “Good video tape is a great motivator.”

+ Maryland is a formidable challenge to recruit against in this DC/Maryland/Virginia area. Larry Johnson is very well respected in that area, so they keep him there recruiting because he is deeply ingrained in that area.

+ Jalyn Holmes can play inside. He’s tough enough. Meyer jokingly adds that Sam Hubbard and Nick Bosa aren’t tough enough to play in there. Tyquan Lewis can play inside as well.

+ Ryan Day brought some dynamic passing plays to the team, including the crossing routes that free up receivers like Johnnie Dixon to then make plays after the catch.

+ The linebackers are just okay. They are being pushed by the young guys like Pete Werner. He needs to play somewhere.

+ They are now putting together some two back sets this week. You go with the best 11 and if they are there, you get them on the field.

+ Terry McLaurin earning champion status despite two 15-yard penalties was a coach’s decision. Meyer likes Terry. He got cheapshotted early in the game and carried that with him for a while.

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  1. Stop using Campbell in any intermediate area. He flat out can’t catch the football. I don’t give 2 shakes of a lambs tail what he does in practice when it doesn’t count. His hands turn to stone when the lights come on. It’s been that way since his freshman year and hasn’t gotten any better.

    It’s telling when the staff moves Sam Hubbard or Chace Young back to middle linebacker. Something very wrong is happening with the linebacker development. I really thought that Chris Worley would slide perfectly into the position. Before his injury he showed precious few signs of belonging in the middle. Tuf Borland to me looks the most comfortable and productive when he’s in.

    So when did it become a thing for refs to be able to make a call on a penalty and, having been shown to be wrong simply change the call into something more universal? The call was targeting. They made no mention of a personal foul roughing with targeting. That’s the normal call. I didn’t like TMac barking at him on the ground and THAT should have been flagged for taunting. The first penalty was BS from the onset. I don’t care if it “appeared” JT was headed out of bounds or not. What IF he decided to pull up and try to cut back toward the endzone? That guy that TMac flattened, had he NOT been flattened would have cleaned JT’s clock. It was a bad call from a bad ref. Look at it again. The ref wasn’t going to pull a flag until TMac started jawing.

    The Buckeyes committed 10 penalties. “5” of them came in the first quarter. That seems to follow the trend along with the Buckeyes offense starting slow. It’s like they don’t show up to play and take a while to get warmed up.

    JT could have put up even better numbers except for those 4 dropped passes. 3 from Parris Campbell and 1 from Be Victor. I feel comfortable saying that Campbell has more dropped passes than he has receptions. One of the chics who was watching the game calls the receiving unit Zone Tums. EXCEPT for Johnnie Dixon. She’s right. When the ball is in the air your stomach does all kinds of flip flopping worrying about drops.

    There were receivers open all over the field. Separation still isn’t the problem with the passing game.

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