Two-Minute Drill: Urban Meyer Updates Oct. 17 Teleconference

Urban Meyer Ohio State Football Buckeyes

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer spoke on Tuesday’s Big Ten coaches teleconference. He provided updates on his football team and looked ahead to this weekend’s matchup against BYE. Here are the highlights.

+ Asked what the biggest progression offensively for the team, Meyer said J.T. Barrett and the chemistry with his receivers is as good as it’s been. Again, he said they are realistic about who they are doing it against, but the timing has been great.

+ Sean Nuernberger really struggled in the spring. He’s a very serious guy, which was a change from his early days. He’s a good person from a good family. He has worked very hard and gotten a lot stronger. “He’s really strong right now. He’s very powerful.” He has hit a couple of 60 yarders in practice.

+ Had a good meeting yesterday. They are recruiting and preparing for Penn State.

+ Injury updates on Jamarco Jones, Jalyn Holmes, Parris Campbell, etc: “They’ll all be ready to play, actually.”

+ The bye week came at a good time according to Mickey Marotti. The team is playing well and there is a big game coming and a huge stretch in the season. This is October, so it’s also important to be out recruiting and make some pushes at the schools and be seen by the recruits.

+ Jordan Fuller has top-of-the-line practice habits. He had a nagging hip injury through the summer, but he’s healed and is playing with a lot of confidence.

+ Demetrius Knox graded out as a champion on Saturday, “which is excellent for his first real career start at Ohio State.” He has the skill to play, so if he decides now is the time to jumpstart his career, “we’re all in if he can do that.”

+ Knox won the job because he was the most consistent guy in practice. Matt Burrell is right there too. He is being developed to be a future starter, but he still needs to get bigger and stronger to be able to hold his own in there.

+ The defensive performance Saturday night was a bit alarming on the big hits. There has been a lot of progress, but they are “also very realistic” about who they have played and who is coming up. “We’re no where near where we need to be.”

+ Over the years, the offense has progressed like this before, but this feels much smoother and the communication and play calling is excellent right now. The development of players is very good too. This is one of the best group of receivers we’ve ever had.

+ Meyer believes targeting is very clear and is a good rule. But it’s up to the replay official to get it right.

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  1. VERY happy for Meech. Back when he was being recruited the O-Zone solicited questions that Meech was gracious enough to answer about the recruiting process and I don’t forget that he patiently answered my young son’s question. Hope he can build on Saturday’s performance.
    Count me among the temporary Missourians when I say the offense must “Show Me” vs. Penn State. That being said, one thing that is significantly different from last year is the sheer number of receivers involved in the passing game. This is much more 2014 than any other year with just how many are getting involved and while I haven’t seen Gerd or any other sportswriter from any service use it this year, “The Distributor” (Barrett’s old nickname from ’14) appears to have returned.

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