Two-Minute Drill: Postgame Updates from Ohio State’s 56-0 Win at Rutgers

Carmen Ohio State Football Buckeyes

Following Ohio State’s 56-0 win at Rutgers Saturday night, Urban Meyer, J.T. Barrett, and a few other Buckeyes spoke with the media. Here are the highlights.

Urban Meyer Updates

+ It was great to see J.T. Barrett breaks the all-time passing yardage mark at Ohio State. “Awesome honor” and he’s got a lot of football left.

+ The offense is on a roll, but Meyer is realistic. His words.

+ Mike Weber ran hard. Meyer thought he had more yards than just 44 on 10 carries. He’s knocking the rust off. Still want to see him and J.K. Dobbins together.

+ Weber had a pretty significant hamstring tear, but he is now finally pain free.

+ Meyer didn’t think about it until he was asked by an intrepid reporter, but that was the most man coverage they saw all season long.

+ Still a lot of new players out there who need to get better — and they are.

+ Demario McCall is still not 100%. He’s got more in the tank.

+ Dre’Mont Jones suffered a freak injury in the locker room. Very deep cut on a locker door. Almost caused nerve damage. He’s probably out next week as well.

+ Meyer credited Marcus Baugh’s blocking on Johnnie Dixon’s 70-yard touchdown run. “Johnnie caught a ball and ran fast.” It was the blockers who pushed him to the end zone.

+ Disappointed in the receivers in the first quarter, but they have had some real growth the last few weeks. “We expect more out of them.”

+ “Erick Smith wasn’t ready to make the trip.” When will he play again? Whenever he’s ready.

J.T. Barrett Updates

+ On his record: “I didn’t see that when I came to Ohio State.”

+ “I was pressing earlier” in the game.

+ When you get man coverage, you’ve got to give your guys a chance to make a play.

+ On deep ball connections: “That’s what we’re supposed to do.”

+ It’s good to have Mike Weber back. J.K. Dobbins is happy because now he gets breathers.

+ “A lot of people helped me on my way.”

+ On his record: “I think it’s pretty crazy.” And yet… “It’s almost like, ‘Why not me?'”

Johnnie Dixon Updates

+ Having a career game was nice, but he was just looking forward to getting back to his girlfriend back home.

+ He credited Marcus Baugh for springing him on his 70-yard touchdown.

+ He feels like people don’t respect the Ohio State receivers.

+ Teams shouldn’t play man coverage against OSU because this is what happens. They can also do this against zone.

Binjimen Victor Updates

+ If he was defending the Ohio State receivers, he wouldn’t play man coverage.

+ The receivers haven’t shown everything yet. They’ve still got some things waiting to come out.

Damon Webb Updates

+ He was never that concerned with the pass defense and he didn’t think they were playing that bad early in the season.

3 Responses

  1. Good game by JT, but he still has to learn how to hit open receivers consistently. He’s scored a lot, but left a lot of TD’s on the field because of over- and under-throws.

  2. So the head coach wants to see JK Dobbins and Mike Weber together? What a coincidence, so do fans. Maybe he should tell the head coach to make it happen…er, wait a minute…
    Its a 4 game regular season folks- OU, PSU, Iowa, and UM. So far OSU is 0-1 against teams that can punch back…
    Would love to see something other than a run up the gut on 3rd and 9, 3rd and 13, etc…please?
    Happy for JT, great job to hime.

    1. Yeah during the week. Meyer says JT is elite but he is not. He has all of these records because he came along when OSU has had the best talent they have ever had. If they would of had an elite QB they possibly could have won 3 or 4 NCs. 1st quarter Buckeyes 3rd and 9 deep in their own territory. Meyer had so much confidence in his elite QB against RUTGERS that he had him give it to a running back up the middle.

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